Natalie {Nonnewaug High School Senior Portraits, Class of 2017}

Meet Natalie, Class of 2017 senior at Nonnewaug High School, and twin sister to Bianca! Natalie plans to study Finance at Bentley college, but in the mean time, enjoys playing Tennis and guitar, watching football, participating in the FBLA and reading books.  Her favorite color to wear is Forest Green and plum.  Natalie loves to shop at the Gap, Forever 21 and Target, just like her sister :)

If she were to choose an era in which she loved most as it relates to fashion, she would choose both today and the 70's!

Natalie enjoys watching Hart of Dixie on TV, and her favorite movie is Captain America, the first Avenger.  Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice but she also loves Sherlock Holmes.  When she turns the music on, you can catch her listening to Carol King, the Eagles, Zac Brown Band or Rihanna.

If Natalie could use one personality trait to describe herself, she would choose "down-to-earth".

Natalie's dream photoshoot is a rural setting with a fall feel to it.  She thinks that is when home is the most beautiful. Natalie's definition of beauty is:

"how you treat others and how confident you are.  Everyone at school recognizes me as a smart and hardworking person but everyone at school also trusts me me.  There is not one person who has ever looked down upon me.  I'm happy that anyone can come confide in me even if I'm not their closest friend.  In the end, everyone that knows me, respects me and I respect them and to me that is a beautiful thing to be able to have in life."

Favorite inspirational quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

If Natalie could change one thing about the world, she wishes that everyone would just let each other be happy.

Her biggest role model and inspiration is her father - she said he is the hardest working man she knows.

Bianca {Nonnewaug High School Senior Portraits, Class of 2017}

Meet the gorgeous Bianca, class of 2017 senior at Nonnewaug High School.  Bianca would like to study nursing in college, and is still deciding on where.  She enjoys playing Tennis and piano in her spare time, and is co-President of the DECA club. Her favorite colors to wear are Blue, Black and White - her wardrobe is primarily preppy.  She enjoys shopping at Forever 21, the Gap, Express and Target.  As far as fashion and trends, her she loves today's modern trends the best.

Bianca's favorite TV series is Friends, and admits that as far as movies go, she can never finish watching them.  Her favorite musician is Selena Gomez, and her favorite magazine is Vogue.

Bianca's favorite quote is: "Give God your weakness and he will give you his strength."

If she were to choose one trait to define herself, she would choose: Sassy.

Bianca was a natural in front of the camera, and had a blast despite the misty weather rolling in.

We finished off her shoot at the waterside with her TWIN sister, Natalie.  How fun are these?!

Alex {Nonnewaug High School Senior, Class of 2017}

Meet Alex!  She is Anthony's twin sister (his post is just ahead of this one) and she is part of Nonnewaug High School's class of 2017.  She hopes to continue her education at either Marist or Stonehill studying either management or accounting.  Besides working hard on her grades towards graduation, Alex also plays (and is captain of) 2 varsity sports (field hockey and basketball).  She is also President of the DECA club which is geared towards business minded students. She loves the outdoors and participating in any activity that keeps her active.

Alex loves the color white, and her wardrobe is primarily preppy.  She loves to shop at Forever 21, Ann Taylor Loft, Department stores and boutiques. Her style goal for the session was to look very put-together.  She loves accessorizing with big bold necklaces and jewelry.  She has a pair of Jack Rogers sandals that she says never leave her feet.

Alex loves watching Greys Anatomy and Vampire Diaries (girl after my own heart!) She enjoys listening to Country music, her favorite movie is Harry Potter and her favorite magazine is People magazine.

Alex self defines herself as competitive. She was a little excited and nervous for her shoot - but loves being the center of attention and she totally rocked it!

Her dream photoshoot would be on the beach, decked in gorgeous preppy clothes.  Alex's favorite inspirational quote is: "Look for something positive each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder."  Rock on sister!

Anthony {Nonnewaug High School 2017 Senior}

Meet Anthony!  This handsome young man is a senior at Nonnewaug High School, and will be graduating this year!  Go Class of 2017!  He hopes to attend UCONN in the fall while focusing on his education in the medical field.  While in school, he spends his spare time playing golf, soccer and basketball - and also enjoys hanging out with friends and "being dope" <-- his words! :)

Anthony (nick-named Tuna) wears primarily athletic clothing, although he prepped up for us during his shoot.  His favorite color is blue, and you can see that with most of the outfits he chose!  If you asked him what his favorite tv show is, currently he'd tell you it's Breaking Bad.

Oh- and he has a sense of Humor... while mom was putting together his outfits for the shoot, he casually and sneakily tossed in this Americana shirt.

Anthony enjoys listening to Pearl Jam which is rather impressive considering that's from another generation!  His favorite movie is Animal House, and so far his favorite book as been The Great Gatsby.

On a more comedic note - when asked what his dream shoot would be like, he said "Ladies by my side." He also threw in that he'd love to do the pose from Titanic when Rose was laying on the couch while Jack sketched her... we didn't do that, but I was tempted!

I like to ask my seniors what they would do if they could change one thing about the world.  I usually get some very deep emotional responses, but in Anthony's usual persona, he simply said he wanted to get rid of all the mosquitos.  I couldn't agree with him more!  Why do they even exist??


One last fact - Anthony is a TWIN.  His gorgeous sister, who is also on our blog (we reserved her own separate page) joined us for the shoot.  

Keep an eye out for more senior portraits coming soon in the South Eastern tip of Connecticut!

CT Senior Portraits {Samantha | Class of 2017}

Samantha is going into her Senior year at Central High School... in FLORIDA!  She hopes to go to college to pursue Marine Biology and she thinks her favorite underwater animals to work with would be dolphins.  She was visiting for the Holiday and Grammy wanted to surprise her with her very own Senior Portrait Session while she was here.  We took her to lunch at the White Horse in New Preston and then Grammy asked to take a 'tour of the studio' since it 'coincidentally' happened to be so close.  We got to the studio and that's when Grammy broke the news that we were actually there for Sam.  Chelsea with Beauty by Chelsea Dae arrived shortly after we shared the news and began promptly on dolling up Samantha with a very relaxed wave (as requested) and simple yet beautiful make-up application to cover up those summer tan marks! Once she saw her transformation, and we selected the outfits which we would be shooting in, we headed out to the lake.  We started with our boho-chic look with pieces from the studio wardrobe (purchased last year at Francesca's!). Sam rocked this look and boy did she take direction so well.  She's truly a natural and just stunned behind the camera.

CT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, Downtown

For a little July 4th Fun, I had her take off the floor length knit vest and we had her run around with a navy scarf {with white stars} just because!  (Amazing $3 find at the dollar section of Target)CT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, Downtown

Sam brought this super gorgeous flowy top that I just have to find for myself.  We paired that with a simple jean-short for a casual beachy look.  Yes - if you haven't noticed by now, it started raining minutes after we started shooting... so those beautiful curls lasted all but 5 minutes!CT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, Downtown

THIS was my favorite dress.  I had it in my Senior Wardrobe since last year at Francesca's and no one ever selected it... so I begged her to try it on, and we BOTH fell in love with it on her.  The color, the shape, the style... it seriously looked amazing on Sam.CT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, DowntownCT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, Downtown

We finished off our shoot with the purple sun dress that Sam arrived with and added an umbrella to the mix... because after all, it WAS raining.  Sam didn't seam to care one bit that it was raining.  She kicked butt the entire shoot and I think these images are proof of that.  CT Senior Portraits, Senior Pictures, Boho, Francesca's, Lake, Beach, Downtown