“Be the light”

This is Jen! She lives in Holland, MA with her loving and supportive husband Rob, and their three children! She works as a Realtor and it’s a job that she loves and has dreamed of doing. Jen loves to hang out with her kids, watch movies, spend time with her husband during date night, and of course, loves to go on vacation! When she needs to unwind and clear her head she reads, mediates, journals and sometimes the occasional nap!  

Jen is really a motivating person, who strives to learn more about herself and grow as a person. She spoke with us about the insecurities she has dealt with in her life, like so many of us who deal with the societal pressures expected from women, her personal insecurities revolve around her body image and self worth. To lift herself up and continue to live a healthy life, free of self-judgement, she says she continues to push herself out of her comfort zone to become more confident in many areas. This is definitely something we can all try to do more of!  

Right now, the beautiful quote that speaks to Jen is: ‘Be the light.’ 

HMUA: Christen Gundersen Makeup by CG

Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure {Margit, Branding & Beauty}

This is Margit! She lives is in Uncasville with her husband and three fur babies (all cats!). She works as a photographer and office manager but she is dreaming of the day that she will be able to do her photography full time. Margit loves to spend time with her husband at home cooking and she especially loves breakfast time (cant beat some good hash browns!). In her free time Margit loves to work out, snowboard and do calligraphy. She says that she tends to get stressed out easily so to stay relaxed she enjoys reading inspirational books or bingeing some episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Margit spoke with us about what insecurities she has dealt with in her life. Like so many other women she struggles with a few things including her body image, her abilities and the choices she makes. Something that has really helped her work to overcome these insecurities in her life is speaking about them and also bible journaling which has been a tremendous aid. Knowing everything she does now if she was able to share some advice with the younger version of herself she would say: ‘Don't be so hard on yourself, relax and enjoy the time you are in now.’

These words are part of a beautiful quote that inspires Margit every day: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.’

HMUA: Christen Gundersen, Makeup by CG

Preserving Memories On Photo at a Time {Caren, 30 Over 30 Series}

Meet Caren! Caren was another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She is married to her husband Rick and together they have one daughter and three grandchildren (Mia, Charlie and Oliver). Caren works as a professional personal photo organizer but when she is not working she loves scrapbooking, gardening and reading historical fiction novels. She loves to enjoy a cup of coffee and her favorite meal is roasted chicken. Caren wanted to get her portraits taken as a gift for herself so she can enjoy some time celebrating herself.

She claims that she sometimes gets hung up on her body shape and weight, but she’s working on overcoming this insecurity by starting a new mediterranean style food and nutrition program! Caren says she believes its important to not worry about what other people think of you and just to be yourself! Her favorite quote that rings true to her heart is: ‘Believe in yourself! Believe you can and you will.’

Beauty by Chelsea Dae {Branding Photoshoot}

This is Chelsea Dae, owner of Beauty by Chelsea Dae LLC. At her beauty studio in Branford, CT, Chelsea offers Bridal, Beauty, and Editorial Makeup and Lash Services, Makeup Lessons, Eyelash Lifts and Tints, Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions, and Eyebrow Shaping and Henna. 

Chelsea fell in love with makeup at the age of 16, when it became a way for her to express herself and channel her creativity. She has always seen makeup as an art and loves that she is able to create art everyday. She had also always been fond of the idea of owning her own business, and so, to make that dream a reality, Chelsea attended Quinnipiac University and received her Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship. 

Chelsea started her makeup career in 2013 when she became certified in Makeup Artistry. She then built upon that with a certification in Airbrush Makeup Artistry, giving her clients the best services out there! In 2017, she decided to really take her business to the next level. She received a certification in Classic Eyelash Extensions and opened her first Makeup And Lash Studio in Branford, CT. Finally, in 2018, she added both Eyebrow Shaping and Eyelash Lift and Tint services to the list. Chelsea's goal is to make you feel naturally glamorous. Using custom techniques, she tries her best to help each of her clients look and feel like the best possible version of themselves.

‘I'm beautiful just the way I am. I have my own style and I don't have to be like anyone else, look like anyone else, or apologize for being me.’

Believe! That is the motto that this gorgeous woman lives by. Michelle was another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She is the proud mother to her 12 year old son Leo who she adores spending quality time with whether it be movie night every weekend or going on a fun family vacation. She also loves to read, practice yoga and spend time with her very dear girlfriends. Being in and enjoying nature is what helps her to relax after a hard week!

Michelle is a senior project manager for steel fabrication company and also recently obtained her realtors license. She has been working as a project manager for over 25 years and also owned her own steel erecting company for 7 years. Getting her realtors license was a way for her to branch out into a new industry because her heart was telling her it was time! She wanted to find a new groove in her life! Kudos to you Michelle for having the courage to keep working on finding what makes you happy in life.

Michelle has overcome a lot of trauma in her life and many times she admits that she thought she wasn’t enough. She believes that being strong and working through that trauma and the insecurities that accompanied it was crucial to her living her life. She knows that even in harder times when she second guesses herself that it is just the fear talking. She purposely pushes herself out of her comfort zone which has enabled her to continue to succeed. It is also important to Michelle to practice positive self talk and compassion towards herself as well as trying to balance self care to prevent herself from running on empty. She really enjoys reading self help books which she can attribute some of her positive self worth to. She would love to tell the younger version of herself: ‘I'm beautiful just the way I am. I have my own style and I don't have to be like anyone else, look like anyone else, or apologize for being me.’

Michelle decided to have her portraits taken as yet another way of pushing her boundaries of comfort and also celebrating obtaining her real estate license, getting healthy and taking care of herself. Congratulations Michelle! Don’t ever apologize for being you, you are beautiful and strong and perfect the way you are.

Professional HMUA: Christen Gundersen, Makeup by CG