We Are Moving!

The Dale's and Sasha Dale Photography are making their way across country to the quaint little state of Connecticut on July 24th.  We've spent 6 years in Illinois, had many ups and downs, purchased our first home, lost a baby, were given a second chance, gave birth to the MOST beautiful baby boy, endured 2 ten month deployments, watched our son crawl, watched our son stand up, watched our son walk, talk and throw tantrums, and on top of it all, proudly built one pretty amazing photography business.  There are a lot of memories and people we will leave behind in Illinois, but it is not goodbye.  We say 'see you later' around here as we make our way to our new home. For those of you who don't know, Connecticut is where I grew up.  My heart has always longed to be back there and it's finally happening.  We will miss all of the incredible people who made our lives better in Bloomington and we are truly thankful for all of the love and support we have been given from all of you.

Here's to the NEXT 6 years and counting!!

Woodbury, Connecticut Senior Portrait Photographer