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Mrs. Brown {2018 Boudoir}

This gorgeous nurse loves to spend her free time traveling and being outdoors, though most important to her is time with her family.  She enjoys hot cocoa and wine, and occasionally something tropical- and if she had to pick a favorite meal of all time, she'd choose Chicken Alfredo! :) If you find her snuggled up on the couch watching a Netflix series, it's most likely Breaking Bad.

Her personal view on life: Life is short, live everyday to the fullest. Tomorrow isn't promised. Bills will always be there no matter how much you work, so take a vacation, travel, and splurge on yourself. Live your life.

Check out these stunning anniversary photos that she gifted to her husband <3

HMUA: Chelsea with Beauty by Chelsea Dae


Boudoir Transformations inspired by Disney's Heroines


I recall sitting around one day, maybe I was editing a boudoir session, when I thought... wouldn't it be cool if my clients wanted something a little more outside the box with their shoots?  Something different? Like something inspired by their favorite on-screen character?  It dawned on me that I wanted to curate a project that helped us transform every day women, moms, teachers, nurses, etc. into a sexy goddess inspired by looks from our favorite Disney Princesses!

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I called the one person I knew would totally rock the hair and makeup transformations for this series, and that was Christen Gundersen with Makeup by CG. Christen specializes in photography and movie makeup and her talent and artistry was the perfect match for this project.  I was thrilled when she was just as excited about the project as I was and it quickly became our 'baby' over the next 6 months.


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We got to work compiling our list of princesses, and were of course incredibly overzealous - we couldn't narrow down our list to less than 13!  We discussed every detail including the month/season we wanted to shoot each model, to location, color themes, model call requirements, etc. and hit the ground running.


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We had no requirements for our model call except that the models were willing to sign a model release so we could share our project with the world!  The biggest trait we searched for in our submissions was hair color and style believe it or not!  We felt that hair was a HUGE part about what defined our princess/heroine inspired styles.  Once we selected our models, we scheduled every shoot up until the end (from January to May).


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We found our lingerie and accessories from multiple places including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Primark, AdoreMe and Yandy. We've included some additional details on where the lingerie was found in the individual blog posts for each shoot!


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The hardest part of this project was keeping it secret and waiting!  We knew we needed to shoot some in the snow, while others needed to be at the beach, and we couldn't imagine putting our models in the water during February so we understood our project would take some time!  That time was SO worth the wait!


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Our models were compiled from every day women who just wanted to work with us!  We had students, moms, childcare providers, artists, nurses, aestheticians, teachers, musicians, etc.  It was an amazing group of women we got to work with and we are humbled by their willingness to allow us to not only transform them into these Disney inspired goddesses but to also share their images with the world!


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We had a hard time deciding which our favorite was, because every time we began a new shoot, we were even more and more excited.  The purpose of this project was to really test our creativity and allow us to step outside the box a little - or a lot!  We had SO much fun with this series and we can't WAIT to do another one!


Samantha {CT Boudoir & Beauty Portraits, 2018}


Meet Samantha.  This stunning woman chose to get a shoot done in celebration of her 40th birthday, though if you ask me, she looks not a day older than 29.  Seriously! Samantha is a dog-momma to Sheldon, and she spends her days caring for him, building her incredible portrait photography business, eating incredibly healthy and exploring the outdoors every chance she gets.  She refers to herself as a Light chaser which is a term related to her career in photography - always looking for new and beautiful sites to photograph and subjects to capture. When she's not working, Samantha will find herself on a hike in both new and familiar places, she loves to read (Historical Fiction ad Sci-Fi) and especially loves enjoying dinners with friends.  When she's in the mood for a Netflix binge, Samantha will lean towards Outlander for sure!


Samantha is not a coffee-holic like me, if she had to choose, she enjoys Hot Cocoa or Wine, and when it comes to a good dinner, she enjoys an occasional Artisan pizza!


W hat message do you wish you can tell the thirteen year old version of you about self image?

I experienced a lot of racism at that age so I would just tell that version of myself that "there's beauty in everything and also...not to worry that the braces will eventually come off" LOL


Chelsea (Beauty by Chelsea Dea) did Samantha's hair & make-up for this shoot!



I recently had a session with Sasha celebrating my 40th birthday. I am also a photographer and I know one thing about myself, I hate being in front of the camera. I had lots of options when choosing a photographer and I knew that Sasha was the best person for the job and she nailed it out of the park. She took beautiful photos of me and I was beyond thrilled. I expected to like maybe two or three photos but I sincerely loved each and every single one of them. Sasha has an innate ability to tap into what you desire in a photo, she takes great care and learning as much as she can about you and plans your session in great detail. I highly recommend her and I can assure you you will not be disappointed!

Sabrina {CT Boudoir Portraits}

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, LOVE, valentines day boudoir, fun, flirty

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, LOVE, valentines day boudoir, fun, flirty

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph this stunning mother of 2 beautiful and adorable children, and the wife of 6 years to her amazing husband, Joshua.  Sabrina and her husband also have two pups, Max and Reese.  Sabrina works as a billing manager/SEO specialist for a marketing firm based in Connecticut.  While she admits that it is not her dream career, she believes that every job or career that one holds, molds them into the person they truly want to become. Sabrina likes to spend her spare time...

...working out, volunteering at her church, reading, watching her kids play (and joining them of course), and looking for new adventures.

When she's not running around after the kids, or behind her computer working, you can catch her snoozing or taking a nice bubble bath while listening to classical music.  This helps her relax and ease her nerves.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls,Torrid babydoll, bright pink

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls,Torrid babydoll, bright pink

These are a few of her favorite things:

Beverage of Choice: Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water <-- she loves all 4!

Favorite Meal: Sushi - any kind

Favorite book/genre: Sabrina loves to read and particularly enjoys politically driven novels or mysteries.  Her favorite book is called "Where are the Children?" by Mary Higgins Clark.  She first read this novel in elementary school!!

Favorite binge-worthy Netflix series: Black Mirror

Favorite inspirational quote: "Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him." -- Sabrina said that this has been the verse that has inspired her entire life and if everyone knew her story... they would understand why.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, black lace teddy, powerful

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, black lace teddy, powerful

I asked Sabrina if she has now, or ever had insecurities that she has worked/or is working on overcoming.  Her answer was beautiful:

"I use to have insecurities about my body after having kids, but honestly that is a thing of the past. I realized that child birth is a blessing and so many woman pray to experience what I have been honored to not only experience once, but twice in my lifetime."

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, military spouse, camo

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, military spouse, camo

If Sabrina could go back and have a conversation with the 13 year old version of herself, THIS is what she would tell her:

"You do not need the validation of anyone else to realize your worth and beauty. God created you this way for a go live your life like the queen you are and without regret."

One person that Sabrina has always looked up to is her great grandfather. She said that he always told her she was a free bird and that she wasn't meant to be caged. He inspired her to truly find out who "Sabrina" was on the inside.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, Adore Me lingerie, knit kimono

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, Adore Me lingerie, knit kimono

Sabrina admits that the reason she did this shoot AND signed a full-model release for the world to see her stunning images is"Because someone had to! Someone had to step up and remind every mother or woman that she is beautiful despite her insecurities and what life throws at her and that you only have one life to shine as bright as you possibly can on the inside and out!"

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, white lace

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, white lace

You can give props to Christen Gundersen of Makeup by CG for the beautiful make-up application.

Check out a the behind the scenes video of Sabrina's session here!!

Pink Pixie Boudoir {CT Boudoir, March 2017}

"The first two relationships in my life were extremely abusive, emotionally and physically, and really took a toll on my self image and self esteem. I also used to self-harm. As a result of these two things I spent a lot of time covered up and uncomfortable with my body. I started learning to love myself, and then I met my husband, who has only been supportive of anything I've set my mind on. I want to celebrate learning to love who I am and how I look, and give a gift to the man who encourages me to continue to do so." This beautiful woman came in to do a boudoir shoot not only with the intention to provide beautiful images as a gift to her husband, but also to celebrate a person victory with herself in learning to love herself better, and THAT my friends, is what makes me giddy.


Jen's passion is Art! When she came to me, she was working on going back to school for her art history degree. On the side, she enjoys reading (fantasy and non-fiction history), watching historical costume dramas and playing video games casually with her very hardcore gamer husband. Jen also knits and bakes.

I have to tell you I about died when she chose this gorgeous satin gown from my studio wardrobe.  I'd been WAITING for a client to select it for their boudoir shoot.  The way the satin catches the light when it falls over her curves is incredibly stunning, and even more so as it accents her beautifully fare skin.


Jen's favorite quote: "The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater". -J.R.R. Tolkien

Jen also brought along a sweater.  Not the every day oversized sweater, and not her own.  She brought a sweater that her husbands mother made for him, so there is so much more to these photographs that her husband can adore and cherish.


Jen wants all young girls to look at self image like this: "If it makes you feel good about yourself, wear it, do it, and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, because, quite frankly, it's none of their business."

While she had blue hair when she contacted me about her shoot (and I have to admit, I was really looking forward to photographing that vibrant color), Jen toned it down a bit to a sweet rose shade of pink before the shoot that I also fell in love with.  Paired with the deep red lip that Chelsea gave her, she was a pink bombshell!  With so much vibrant color, who needs to wear anything else?


Jen has always been inspired by mother before she died, and now her stepmother. Both women were/are very successful in their chosen careers, and very outspoken about their views, no matter what the issue.

I don't typically do this, but because she mentioned that she loves art, creativity and trying new things, I decided to set-up a quick teepee in the studio for some creative boho-shots paired with my acrylic prism to get some neat light reflection.  Never hurts to play around and try new things, especially when it yields something fantastic.


I'm looking forward to some more creative and edgy boudoir shoots - and I'm always up for some new requests!