Tracey {2018 Boudoir}


"Hi!! My name is Tracey and I am a mom of three amazing kiddos. Two girls, Chloe is 13 and Lola is 11 and my little guy Hudson is 5. My passion is fashion. I’ve worked in the industry for 20 years including opening my own kids store in two locations and co-owning a women’s consignment event. I love owning my own business and having the flexibility to still spend a lot of time at home going to kids events. My husband, Chris, works for caterpillar and we have been married for 16 years." "Our family relaxes at our lake home, it’s seriously our fave place on earth. We hang with friends, wakeboard and tube and chill in the sun while creating long lasting memories."


Favorite Band: Jon Bon Jovi!! I have seen him and traveled the world for 20 years.

Favorite Book: The fifty shades series

Favorite TV Series: The Kardashians

Favorite Movie: The Holiday

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “You teach people how to treat you”


If Tracey could jump back in time and give her 13-year-old self some advice, this is what she'd say:

'That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose to be healthy and make healthy choices."


I asked Tracey who inspires her.  She answered with her MOM. "She’s amazing and I truly inspire to be just like her."


Tracey's husband turned 40 this year and she wanted to get him something slightly outside of the box that he couldn’t buy himself, and an edgy boudoir session was JUST the thing :)


Hair, Makeup & Body Paint art by Christen Gundersen with @Makeup by CG!


I met the incredibly talented Sasha back in 2011 when she was living in Illinois. I hired her to help me run my children’s clothing store. She was pregnant with Xander and her husband was stationed overseas. She was an absolute joy to have apart of our team and we were extremely sad when she moved out east, but so happy for her to get back to her family. I continued to follow Sasha and her growing family and I found myself in love with her boudoir photo shoots of women. I had always wanted to do photos of myself and knew she would be the only one I would “get naked” for! I contacted her in November when I decided I wanted to do them for my husbands 40th. I wanted the shoot to be edgy and different. I talked to her about my ideas and she immediately was able to “see” the vision. She introduced me to her makeup artist and we all got to work. Sasha FaceTimed me numerous times and sent me sketches. She is extremely organized which put my mind at ease since I was flying to CT for the shoot. The photos were simply everything I had envisioned! She found an abandoned building and we went there on a very cold January day to nail the “look.” Sasha, thank you for your attention to detail and listening to my vision as It was everything I wanted. You, my friend, are a star!!!!!!