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Ashley + Ian {Anniversary 2015}

Ashley absolutely loves reading and working with animals. Ian is a lover of cars. Together, they share a passion for strange food, fishing, crabbing and nature. At this time in their lives, they want to remember what it's like to be newly weds, the struggle and happiness of being young and not knowing what the future holds or where they will be in a few years.

The two just finished celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary on September 6th!

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Carrie & Ben {Engaged}

"We enjoy being active, recently completed a half marathon together. We love skiing, hiking and other outdoorsy activities aswell as the occasional couch party (this is were we sit on the couch for an entire day)."

Carrie and Ben will be married on June 25th, 2016!

Check out their gorgeous engagement pictures from Southford Falls.

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