connecticut boudoir

Car saleswoman by day, wine and burrito-lover at night, horseback rider all around!

Amanda is a hard working sales woman who lives with her boyfriend, two dogs and a cat. Her session was part of our 30 women over 30 portrait series. When she is not working she loves to go horseback riding or enjoy some time reading her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. When she has a free evening, Amanda will indulge in some wine paired with her favorite food, her boyfriends delicious burritos!

Amanda says about her insecurities that she is working on accepting herself the way she is. ‘Its about what makes you feel good and beautiful, not other people.’

CT Boudoir Portraits {Mrs. P | December 2016}

Stunning toddler mama and make-up artist just radiated during her gorgeous boudoir shoot.  We decided to rent out the warehouse space at Studio 52 North for Egzona's session because it fit with the mood she was looking for when she sent some ideas of what she wanted. She brought so many remarkably sexy and gorgeous pieces, it was so hard to narrow it down to the ones we would shoot.  Not all pieces are shown in this post, because I only share images approved by my clients!  I'd say my favorite pieces were her emerald green romper and her black lingerie set from Victoria's Secret.

We started her shoot at the clawfoot tub.  Early afternoon sunlight created a dreamy haze that turned out to be irresistible.  Although she felt insecure in the beginning, you could never tell.  Zona was a natural.  First with her sweet, yet sexy white babydoll dress, then her implied clawfoot tub nudes - she just radiated perfection.  We didn't end there though.

CT Boudoir, boudoir photography, clawfoot tub, nude

CT Boudoir, boudoir photography, clawfoot tub, nude

After the soft and suttle looks, we upped the stunner-value when Zona threw on a super gorgeous emerald green bodysuit paired with a sparkling large neck-piece.  Truly glamorous.  We didn't stop there.  We photographed her in a gorgeous sea-foam green two-piece for some beautiful and sexy poses amid the rose petals that we carefully plucked at the beginning of her session and sprinkled over the sheets.

Last - we dropped the blonde bombshell when she pulled out her black corset (3-piece-set) and literally rocked that outfit like I've never seen before.  I can't tell you how sexy this was!!  And her reaction proved how equally sexy she found herself after watching her session video <3

When she went to order her custom album, she ordered an extra one for herself!

Client testimonial:

"Sasha is so particular with poses and told me exactly what to do.  I walked into the studio feeling really insecure, and walked out with so much confidence.  It really doesn't get any better than that." -Mrs. P