Dale Family - Weekly HighLights {March 16th-22nd}

This week was the first time Xander has had the chance to fully explore and play outside since last summer when he wasn't quite walking yet.  It has felt so different to actually sit back and watch him explore the yard, picking up dirty rocks and sticks and bringing them to me to hold.  It made me so incredibly happy just watching him twist and turn the rocks in his tiny little hands, inspecting them with such curiosity.  I thought "wow, I'm a mommy of a little boy." Some days, I still ask myself if this is all real.  Sometimes it feels too good to be true. Little Boy_1Big Smile_1

We've also recently started taking occasional showers together.  Xander absolutely loves bathtime, but has begun to dislike having water poured on his head which as of late, would abruptly end bathtime.  We decided to attempt a shower where the water wasn't being dumped on his head, but instead just sprinkling like rain... and he became obsessed.  Now - we can pour water on his head at bathtime and he couldn't care less!  He loves water everywhere, all the time.  I'm dying for summer to get here and for the splash pads to open.  This kid will be in his natural habitat.


We've been brushing Xander's teeth for several months, but he just recently actually started "brushing" his teeth by himself.  However, instead of moving the toothbrush back and forth, he was moving his head back and forth.  Hey, whatever works, right?  The fact that he LOVES brushing his teeth twice a day is a good start for me.

Monday Play_3

Another highlight of the week has been gifting Xander a new Kindle Fire for Kids.  Omi (grandma) recommended this purchase and after we received our tax return, we thought - hey, why not?  We love it.  Not only do we not have to worry about him making random purchases, but there are educational apps that he really enjoys like Connect the Dots!  He's getting really good at it too - and it will help him learn his numbers.

Monday Play

I love that we have so many fun highlights this week.  We also splurged and picked up this awesome car-track which the little guy really enjoys!  It's one of the first toys he chooses to play with every day, so I think we finally got it right!

Monday Play_4

When he's not playing with rocks, cars or his Kindle, Xander can be found watching the road for the mail-man, school bus, or passer-bys.  He looks out the window a lot, and just stands there soaking it all in.  What an amazing world it is.

Monday Play_2Monday Play_1

Our last highlight of the week is the new climber.  Lot's of new stuff in one week, wow!  But seriously, we're excited that Xander has graduated to a bigger climber as he's grown tired of the little bitty one that we'd borrowed temporarily.  Look how happy it makes him!  His happiness is my life!

Xander Slide