KIS Accounting

KIS Accounting Branding Portraits {October 2017}

Branding portraits, headshot session, headshot photography, beauty portraits, norwich ct

Branding portraits, headshot session, headshot photography, beauty portraits, norwich ct


Meet my accountant, Kate Presto!  She owns KIS Accounting (KIS stands for Keep it Simple). Kate has a CPA license, Master’s degree in Accounting, and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  Her goal is to help take some of the weight off of small business owners when managing their businesses.  With all of the extra behind-the-scenes work entrepreneurs are doing (I would know because I own my own business too!) she makes the tax part of it so much easier! Kate's motto is simple.  You run your business.  She'll handle your books. When I first met Kate and asked her about her career as an accountant and if it was what she imagined doing when she was younger and she told me she loved what she does.  Kate said that accounting to her is like putting together a giant puzzle, and she loves puzzles. She also loves that her job is rewarding because she gets to have a direct impact on her clients' businesses!

Most of her clients are small business owners and so she truly gets to build professional relationships with each and every one of them.  Kate is genuinely curious about what her clients do in their careers and she is passionate in helping them reach their goals.


One of my favorite things about having her as my business accountant is that our quarterly meetings are casual yet professional all wrapped into one.  We meet either at a coffee shop or generously (since I have a teeny-tot at home) she'll even meet at my home to go over books.  We have coffee, talk business, get down to work and I can bring her any questions I may have.  I can't name another accountant that I've ever had such an outstanding personal and business relationship with.


Kate enjoys to spend her free time traveling (most recently to Australia!), spending time with friends, crafting, gardening, and snuggling her oh-so-cool bengal cat Pookie.