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Meet The Team: Christen {professional stylist, Make-Up By CG}

Hey guys!  I wan't to introduce to you another important member of my 'team'!  I put the word team in quotes because my make-up artists are not actually my employees, but when I hire them to come in a pamper my clients, we become a team as if we DO work for the same business. Please meet Christen Gundersen, a beautiful, and incredibly talented make-up artists, military spouse and the mother of three kids, two of which are teenage boys and one toddler girl!


Christen is a certified make-up artist and esthetician, who owns Makeup by CG, located in Southeastern CT.  She has earned over 15+ years of experience, on top of an education at Brio Cosmetology school, and completion of the Master program at The Val Garland School of Makeup. Christen specializes in photography makeup, and has extensive experience working with photographers, models, art directors, fashion designers and stylists in order to help her better understand the artistic demands of the industry.  Although photography makeup is her speciality, she can also effortlessly fulfill additional makeup needs such as bridal, prom/formal, headshot, commercial, advertising, film and even underwater!  Christen has also offered make-up lessons by request.

Christen LOVES what she does.  Specializing in photo shoots gives her the chance to see all the behind the scenes and to experience the masterpiece come together with a team.  She feels that it is incredibly rewarding to be able to watch a vision come together from start to finish.


Christen's hobbies include shopping, family time, dreaming-up creative set ideas and building her legacy. She loves 80's (rock) music, Halloween, comfy clothes and pumpkin spice. Christen admits that it's taken her a long time to find her true passions when it comes to her career, and in all the leg work, trials and errors she's gone through to get where she is, she humbly admits she wouldn't be there without the loving support of her husband and family.

Christen's favorite quote: "Well behaved women seldom make history." ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Anthony {Nonnewaug High School 2017 Senior}

Meet Anthony!  This handsome young man is a senior at Nonnewaug High School, and will be graduating this year!  Go Class of 2017!  He hopes to attend UCONN in the fall while focusing on his education in the medical field.  While in school, he spends his spare time playing golf, soccer and basketball - and also enjoys hanging out with friends and "being dope" <-- his words! :)

Anthony (nick-named Tuna) wears primarily athletic clothing, although he prepped up for us during his shoot.  His favorite color is blue, and you can see that with most of the outfits he chose!  If you asked him what his favorite tv show is, currently he'd tell you it's Breaking Bad.

Oh- and he has a sense of Humor... while mom was putting together his outfits for the shoot, he casually and sneakily tossed in this Americana shirt.

Anthony enjoys listening to Pearl Jam which is rather impressive considering that's from another generation!  His favorite movie is Animal House, and so far his favorite book as been The Great Gatsby.

On a more comedic note - when asked what his dream shoot would be like, he said "Ladies by my side." He also threw in that he'd love to do the pose from Titanic when Rose was laying on the couch while Jack sketched her... we didn't do that, but I was tempted!

I like to ask my seniors what they would do if they could change one thing about the world.  I usually get some very deep emotional responses, but in Anthony's usual persona, he simply said he wanted to get rid of all the mosquitos.  I couldn't agree with him more!  Why do they even exist??


One last fact - Anthony is a TWIN.  His gorgeous sister, who is also on our blog (we reserved her own separate page) joined us for the shoot.  

Keep an eye out for more senior portraits coming soon in the South Eastern tip of Connecticut!

Zulie Dunn {Class of 2016}

Zulma--or Zulie as her friends call her, is a senior at Westover High School in Middlebury CT.  Zulie is extremely athletic, playing field hockey, basketball and softball!  I had the pleasure of watching one of her field hockey games this past fall :) She's also studied abroad which is what so many young woman could only dream of!  Not to mention she's very involved in her community and has even participated in several mission trips.

Zulie04Zulie03Zulie11Zulie05Zulie06Zulie12Her favorite inspirational quote is 'put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.  This is the secret to success.'  

Zulie plans to study engineering at Northeastern and I can already sense by her wit, intelligence and confidence that she will be an incredible and successful business woman and engineer.

Zulie07Zulie13Zulie14Zulie08Zulie15Fun facts about Zulie:

Favorite TV Series: Arrow

Favorite Musician: John Legend

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Book/Magazine: Brothers Karamozov

Zulie02Zulie09Zulie19Zulie16Zulie18I asked Zulie if she could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

She said,

"To realize that through active love, through the way in which all human beings are interconnected, we can see God's word is at work through all of us."


I also asked Zulie what her own personal definition of beauty is.  She told me,

"Beauty comes from within. It's the goodness of your heart and genuine care for others."


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Looking for Our Class of 2017 Senior Model Crew!!


I know what you're thinking. "It's a little too early to start thinking about Senior Portraits...right?"  Wrong! Senior year is just a few months away and the most popular time of year for portraits is June-September. You’ll want to be thinking of getting on the books for that NOW!

Not to mention, the average senior portrait investment is between $800 and $1600.  Lot's of seniors and their parents save up for this, but if you aren't one of those - here's the best part about my spokesmodel program.  Guess what my senior models invest? $199.  That's right!  The investment for the seniors in my Senior Spokesmodel program is just $199. You decide how much you get after that by working hard, being YOU and talking about Sasha Dale Photography.

Referrals are GOLD. Your moms will LOVE you for this. Everything you ever wanted out of your senior portrait experience for only $199!!

What do you get out of it??  You have the chance to earn up to $800+ CASH, a $250 VISA gift card – which is just as sweet as cash -- an iPad mini, a GORGEOUS heirloom quality senior portrait album valued at $1295 (your moms will LOVE you for this one) and even ALL of the high resolution digital files from your senior session. To give you perspective – my digital files run $150 each, or $1600 for the entire collection. Your mom’s will love you for that one too. ;)

******Earn up to $800 CASH********

So what do you have to do? It’s SO easy.

First - YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A MODEL!! That’s the first thing everyone thinks when they see “Spokesmodel”. “Oh… I can’t sign up for that, I’m not a model.” Spokesmodel is just my term for high school senior representative. This means YOU can be one of Sasha Dale Photography’s Senior Representatives for the Class of 2017. No modeling experience is necessary.

Step one: SPRING Spokesmodel session. This is the main gig. All you have to do is show up and look fabulous! Our stylists will make you feel gorgeous along with the other spokesmodels and we will hit the town running for a super fun spring styled fashion shoot. The images from this session will be used for your individual Senior Representative cards that you will distribute to your friends and classmates. These cards are GOLD. These cards are what earn you all of those awesome cash rewards and other incentives listed above. The complete list of referral incentives is listed on page 17 of my Senior Spokesmodel magazine.  A referral is a Booked & Paid for Session. If a new client hands me YOUR card when they book their senior session with me, YOU get the referral credit!   It’s so simple. You seriously show up to a photoshoot, get dolled up, have your pictures taken, hand out cards, talk about Sasha Dale Photography and BOOM, the rest falls into place!

 "Is there more?"

Well, yes.  But it's really simple.  It will most likely just happen naturally because I assure you'll love your experience with me so much that you'll want to do it anyway.  What is it?  I ask that you talk about Sasha Dale Photography and your senior portrait experience to all of your friends, peers and family. We will have our own private Spokesmodel Facebook group to keep in touch and updated on this. Throughout the year, you will be given short posts to share with your friends via Social Media {IG, FB}. I will do the work for you (pictures and text) so all you have to do is post, tag me and your gold. PS- the spokesmodel term is from March 2016-October 2016. Don’t worry, this isn’t some full-time 9-5 job or anything! You go about your lives as usual over those 7 months. Particpate in your sports and extra curriculars. Do your homework. Hang out with your friends … and occasionally share a post on behalf of Sasha Dale Photography.

 Now… IF you are TOTALLY interested in participating in MORE photoshoots, I do have a more extensive model program but it is optional! THAT program costs $399 but includes up to THREE more stylized shoots throughout the year. Do you know what a stylized shoot is? OMG, if you don’t you should! These stylized shoots – or should I say ‘concept’ shoots are themed and I even ask my seniors to help come up with the themes! Some of those could be “masquerade, red white and blue, boho, cozy winter, etc.” Professional hairstyling and make-up is also included with all concept shoots to fit the theme of the shoot. These are so much fun, especially if you are doing it with a friend!! Oh yes – friends--that reminds me!! Did I mention I am selecting up to THREE representatives from EACH high school?? Not just one! THREE! This means you should REALLY get your friends to sign up too. Can you imagine getting to glam up with your besties, get gorgeous photos taken BOTH individually AND together!! Remember playing dress-up when you were 8? This is the big girl version! You’ve GOT to do this!!

Lastly – my spokesmodels get to help me select the NEW crew for the following year when it’s time for them to hand over the crown. I usually ask the past year’s spokesmodels to come to the new-spokesmodel open house to share their experiences. This is isn’t mandatory but totally encouraged!

Oh yea, I almost forgot! You AUTOMATICALLY get your VERY own senior portrait session when you sign up for this program. This INCLUDES professional hair and make-up, wardrobe consultation, etc. All of this is also included in the $199 spokesmodel program fee. I’m not kidding!!

If you haven't already check out Sasha Dale's spokesmodel magazine for more details!

Magazine spreads


So seriously... for $199 – you get:

*Spring spokesmodel shoot with professional hair and make-up

*Custom senior rep cards with YOUR pictures on them to give to friends

*Personal mobile app with images from spring shoot

*Spokesmodel music video/slideshow featuring you and your friends to share

*Your OWN senior portrait session, wardrobe consultation, professional hair and make-up, private premier and ordering consultation

*Opportunity to earn up to $800+ Cash, $250 Visa Gift Card, Heirloom quality senior portrait album, All high-resolution digital files on crystal USB engraved, iPad Mini

OVER $6,000 VALUE!!!! You refer me new clients and I reward you! That’s how it works!

Fill out the application to receive your invite to my modeling open house in February!!


Please note - I do ask ONE thing.  Please do not represent any other photographers during the duration of your model contract with Sasha Dale Photography.

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Lizzy {Class of 2016}

What an amazing time I had working with Lizzy.  She's beautiful, fun and extremely intelligent!  Besides keeping good grades, Lizzy is extremely involved in her school and community.  She participates in Mock Trial/Debate Club, Presidents Council, Book Club, National Honor Society, Theater and Peer Ministry.   She loves to volunteer for multiple organizations as well, including Relay for Life, Making Strides for Breast Cancer, and Helping Hands just to name a few!! Seriously I'm in AWE!!  And of course, when she has ANY free time after ALL of that - she really loves to write, read (especially Harry Potter)and binge watch old episodes of Charmed!!  Check out her gorgeous senior portraits! We worked with about 5 different looks for her session including a lip color change with each outfit by our fabulous make-up artist!


Lizzy_3bLizzy_9Lizzy_3cLizzy_8Lizzy_3aLizzy_10CT Senior Photographer, Books, Reading, Harry Potter, Woodbury CT, Holy Cross High SchoolLizzy_7Lizzy_4aLizzy_6Lizzy_3Lizzy_4Lizzy_5Lizzy_2Lizzy_6dLizzy_5bLizzy_5aLizzy_5cLizzy_6aLizzy_6bLizzy_6cCT Senior Photographer, Books, Reading, Harry Potter, Woodbury CT, Holy Cross High SchoolCT Senior Photographer, Books, Reading, Harry Potter, Woodbury CT, Holy Cross High SchoolCT Senior Photographer, Books, Reading, Harry Potter, Woodbury CT, Holy Cross High SchoolCT Senior Photographer, Books, Reading, Harry Potter, Woodbury CT, Holy Cross High SchoolLizzy_1Lizzy_10aLizzy_9aLizzy_2a