CT Maternity boudoir photography

Kelly P. {Maternity Boudoir Portrait Session, 2017}

This beautiful woman is the wife of a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, and mommy to beautiful baby girl. She came to me when she was still expecting and was trying to prepare for this exciting life change! While she used to teach students with special needs, she has spent the past couple of years traveling back and forth to Japan to spend time with her husband while he is stationed there.  Although they've been able to visit many new and amazing places in Asia during that time, they are eager to finally get to live together at their first duty station.  Kelly found that she loved CrossFit before she got pregnant, but she's taken a step back to enjoy the little things such as baby shopping, talking walks and in the summer, beach lounging.  Oh - she also made sure to get in all of the extra one-on-one time with her fur-babies before her baby arrived.  While her husband is overseas, she also likes to spend a lot of her time with her family and close girlfriends (of over 30 years!) She decided to have these portraits taken because she was pregnant with their first child and since her husband wasn't able to be there to experience her growing tummy with her together, they decided to book a shoot to have a keepsake of the memories.


These are a few of her favorites things:

To relax: lay on the beach, take a nice walk outside, or curl up with her husband (when he's around), puppies, a comfy blanket to watch a movie.

Music: Kelly isn't a huge music person but she's been enjoying SIA lately.

Book: While she doesn't have a favorite, Kelly enjoys reading mysteries.

TV Series: Friends

Inspirational Quote: "One day closer to together forever." <-- this is one her husband tells her when he's away, and it helps keep her going.

People she looks up to: Kelly tends to look up to anyone who is strong, confident in themselves, and who can laugh at themselves (not taking life too seriously.)

I asked Kelly what message she wishes she could give to all young girls about self-image and this was her response:

"This isn't easy to do and I have to remind myself of it often, but do what makes you happy inside and out. Don't compare yourself to other people; feel good about yourself and who you are."

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"Last year I wanted to get boudoir photos done for my husband to celebrate our one year anniversary and wedding ceremony (he’s in the military so when we got married last year it was just the officiant, a photographer friend, my husband and myself). After consulting with a few different photographers in the CT area, I decided not to follow through. While many of their photos were beautiful, none of them seemed to be able to capture the artistic eye and style I was looking for. It was a shame because I started CrossFit and was happy with the progress I was making. I wanted to have something to capture that forever, and wanted something for my husband to have and cherish since we spend so much time apart.

Fast forward 9 months and things are a little different. My once in shape, getting toned body is about to be altered in a big way… I’m pregnant! My husband and I were going to be spending most of the pregnancy apart. He wasn’t going to get to watch my stomach grow and feel her kicks, so we started to talk about getting maternity and boudoir photos taken to capture this life event. I was into the idea at first, but as my body started to grow and change I was a little hesitant. That was, until I came across Sasha’s website. While she didn’t have any maternity boudoir shoots, she did have some of the most gorgeous boudoir photos I have seen. Not only that, but she was local, had a great package deal of photos including hair and makeup, and her style of photography was exactly what I had been looking for! I wish I had come across her website the year before as I definitely would have jumped at the chance to work with her.

After describing what I was looking for and what I wanted to get from this shoot, I was very excited about it. I think we both were as this was my first boudoir shoot and her first maternity boudoir shoot. As the shoot got closer I became increasingly nervous and wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice. My body was different, my feelings about how I looked were different, I just didn’t know if I wanted my big belly and softening butt and thighs to be captured on film forever.

My nerves were still there as I arrived at Sasha’s studio, but started to lessen as the morning went on. I was getting hair and makeup done while Sasha and I chatted and she went through my clothing options and photographs I had sent her of my inspirations. Luckily we are both anally organized and detailed so she wasn’t offended when I sent her my Pinterest page and a PowerPoint presentation of images I wanted to replicate. Sasha told me how to stand, what to do with my hands, where to look, and every little detail so I wasn’t just standing awkwardly wondering if what I was doing was correct or not. We started with a dress, then moved onto the more boudoir photos. At this point I was pretty comfortable and ready to keep chugging along. The hair and makeup artist stayed the entire time and helped with the photoshoot. She even changed my hair for a few of the photos where I wanted a more relaxed, messy bun look. She nailed it! Even my hair dresser commented on how much she loved it when I showed her some of my photos.

Sasha was so wonderful to work with! She really listened and made sure to capture the photos just how I wanted them; from the styling, to the lighting, to the poses, etc. I was comfortable in front of her and excited to see how the photos turned out. Her delivery of the sneak peek photos was so quick. My husband and I really had a hard time narrowing down which photos to get and we ordered more than we had planned on before seeing the photos.

Sasha is professional, friendly, organized, artistic, and extremely talented. If you are thinking about getting photos done I would highly recommend Sasha Dale Photography. You will not be disappointed!!"