Best Boudoir Photographer CT

Military Spouse Boudoir {April 2017}

Kim is a Photographer-turned-stay-at-home-mom with 3 beautiful babies and a very busy Navy husband. Some of her favorite things include photography and date nights :)  Kim spends her days chasing the little ones around and devouring her coffee.


Fun fact -Kim is afraid of heights has been sky diving twice...I'd say she sounds to me like someone I'd want to have my back!  Facing her fears head one, not once but TWICE!  Yea girl!


This gorgeous mama is a health advocate with a bachelors degree who isn't sure exactly what she'll be when her babies grow up. Kim's just trying to enjoy this crazy season of life and make it out sane (she admits that wine helps!)


Though she doesn't have much time to relax, when she does, Kim enjoys drinking wine, listening to music and occasionally a good snuggle on the couch with her hubby after their babies go to bed


Kim's favorite Inspirational Quote? "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."


I asked Kim what message she wishes she could give to all young girls about self-image? This was her simple yet beautiful response: "Love yourself!"

Bride-to-Be {CT Boudoir, 2017}

Haley came to me as a beautiful 28 year old bride-to-be getting ready to marry her fiancee of 8 years.  She brought along a gorgeous wedding veil and some beautiful bridal lingerie.  While their only child at the time was a 4-legged floppy-eared rescue pup named Betty, they did recently announce that they are expecting come June! Yay!! Haley is obsessed with animals and has a serious soft spot for rescue dogs. She told me in the year prior to meeting her, she'd already helped to find homes for 2 dogs and a cat.  She mentioned rescuing a few more pups ones her and her husband purchased their first home... and the exciting news is that dream of a new home just recently came true! Looks like it's time to fill it with babies AND puppies!

Haley works in business development but has also been doing hair for over 7 years now! She left the salon world 3 years ago and has been freelancing for weddings mostly since she is amazed by the feeling she gets when she can work alongside brides to help them prepare for the best day of their lives.  She did her own hair for the shoot and it looked incredible!


To relax, Haley loves to get pampered, including facials and massages or pedicures. She also loves to read books, either with a good cup of coffee or on the beach with her feet in the sand.

Haley's favorite Quote: "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."

I asked Haley what message she wishes she could give to all young girls about self-image.  Her response was beautiful.  She told me that everybody goes through times in their life when they are unhappy about their appearance. Confidence is key. She encourages young girls to work on building up their own confidence. If someone is tearing them down its probably because that someone doesn't feel so great about themselves. She reminded me that girls who tear other girls down are usually doing it to boost their own confidence. Ultimately, she believes that what you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.


Haley has always looked up to her mother as a leader and role model.  Her mom contracted hepatitis C from a blood transfusion after giving birth to her brother 35 years ago and has been fighting the disease since Haley was a child, all while working 2 to 3 jobs and raising 3 kids. About 3 years ago she was put on disability because she is on the transplant list waiting for a new liver....Haley says you would never know.  Her mother carries her burden with such grace! Since she is home most of the day, she decided to become a foster parent and has fostered about 10 children, one of whom she ended up adopting. He is now Haley's little brother Ricky! Before her mom stopped working, she worked with special needs children and adults. When Ricky came into her house he had been in and out of many houses and children centers because of behavior problems, but with her moms help, he was diagnosed autistic and bi-polar disorder which helped her understand how to help guide him in life. He showed such signs of improvement while living with her that she couldn't let him leave, so she made it official that he would stay forever and adopted him!  I can soooo tell where Haley gets her love of fostering rescue animals and helping them find new homes.  Like mother-like-daughter!


Haley's husband (fiancee at the time) heavily hinted to her that he'd love this shoot as a gift for her wedding after a couple they knew had mentioned doing something similar.  We thought it only fitting that Haley don one of her husbands favorite Yankee jerseys to get him extra excited about his gift!