Senior Portait Experience

Hey you!! Yea- you! The 16 year old dreamer doodling on your notepad in bio class!

Let’s be honest: we could all use a little more luxury and a LOT less homework. Am I right?

Well I can’t help the amount of homework you have rolling in, but I CAN add a little more glam to your life by offering a one-of-a-kind Luxury senior portrait experience.  No, this isn’t the senior portraits that everyone else gets.  You AREN’T everyone else. You are YOU.  You are a goddess stuck in high school.  This senior portrait experience is SO much better.

EVERY client of mine receives a complimentary fashion and style consultation the day of their session, professional airbrush make-up and hairstyling by two stylists who KNOW how to create the PERFECT camera-ready look. PLUS guess what??  You gain access to a closet of designer accessories and wardrobe items to jazz up your look!  Seriously!?  Don’t pretend like you don’t dream of having a designer closet to dress from!  Oh, and did I mention a pretty sweet welcome packet complete with boutique discount coupons and even a What-to-Wear guide magazine to help you prep for this incredibly glamorous day!?  

I’m so giddy that I get to offer this to those teens like you, who want a little more LUXE in their lives!  I only have 12 available spots per season and thousands of gorgeous young ladies dying for this experience!!  If this makes you scream “I need to ditch this homework and feel like a Kardashian for a day!” than say "YES!!!”

Email me at for your FREE client welcome packet so we can get started on booking your LUXURY senior portrait experience!

I cannot WAIT to treat you like the celebrity you deserve and be YOUR Connecticut Senior Photographer!!  This is YOUR year!  Your SENIOR year!  Go out with a bang Sista!  Visit our newest New Preston location TODAY!!

"My school makes me use another photographer!"

scroll down!  You DON'T have to use that other photographer!!

I've heard many CT seniors say that their school is contracted with a photographer already, and they "have to" use that photographer for their senior pictures if though they don't want to.  


YES- you HAVE to use that photographer for your YEARBOOK picture.  You do NOT have to use that photographer for your senior session outside of the yearbook.  That's like them telling you what photographer to use for your family portraits, or your wedding portraits.  If your entire senior portrait session is NOT being published in the yearbook, then they honestly have no control over your freedom to choose a photographer that you LOVE. It seams that a lot of young ladies aren't clear on this here in New England!!  It's a whole different ball game out in the midwest.  I've heard countless complaints by both seniors AND their parents about the school contracted photographer and these gorgeous girls feeling forced to use a photographer they don't like.  I want you to KNOW that you DO have a choice.  

Go into that contracted studio and get JUST your yearbook portrait taken.  THEN, give me a call and we will glam you up for the portraits that you've been dying for... the ones you will hang on your walls, share with your friends and publish in a glorious heirloom album to display on the coffee table for the world to see.



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