Samantha {CT Boudoir & Beauty Portraits, 2018}

Meet Samantha.  This stunning woman chose to get a shoot done in celebration of her 40th birthday, though if you ask me, she looks not a day older than 29.  Seriously! Samantha is a dog-momma to Sheldon, and she spends her days caring for him, building her incredible portrait photography business, eating incredibly healthy and exploring the outdoors every chance she gets.  She refers to herself as a Light chaser which is a term related to her career in photography - always looking for new and beautiful sites to photograph and subjects to capture. When she's not working, Samantha will find herself on a hike in both new and familiar places, she loves to read (Historical Fiction ad Sci-Fi) and especially loves enjoying dinners with friends.  When she's in the mood for a Netflix binge, Samantha will lean towards Outlander for sure!

Samantha is not a coffee-holic like me, if she had to choose, she enjoys Hot Cocoa or Wine, and when it comes to a good dinner, she enjoys an occasional Artisan pizza!

W hat message do you wish you can tell the thirteen year old version of you about self image?

I experienced a lot of racism at that age so I would just tell that version of myself that "there's beauty in everything and also...not to worry that the braces will eventually come off" LOL

Chelsea (Beauty by Chelsea Dea) did Samantha's hair & make-up for this shoot!


I recently had a session with Sasha celebrating my 40th birthday. I am also a photographer and I know one thing about myself, I hate being in front of the camera. I had lots of options when choosing a photographer and I knew that Sasha was the best person for the job and she nailed it out of the park. She took beautiful photos of me and I was beyond thrilled. I expected to like maybe two or three photos but I sincerely loved each and every single one of them. Sasha has an innate ability to tap into what you desire in a photo, she takes great care and learning as much as she can about you and plans your session in great detail. I highly recommend her and I can assure you you will not be disappointed!