Sabrina {CT Boudoir Portraits}

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph this stunning mother of 2 beautiful and adorable children, and the wife of 6 years to her amazing husband, Joshua.  Sabrina and her husband also have two pups, Max and Reese.  Sabrina works as a billing manager/SEO specialist for a marketing firm based in Connecticut.  While she admits that it is not her dream career, she believes that every job or career that one holds, molds them into the person they truly want to become. Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, LOVE, valentines day boudoir, fun, flirtySabrina likes to spend her spare time...

...working out, volunteering at her church, reading, watching her kids play (and joining them of course), and looking for new adventures.

When she's not running around after the kids, or behind her computer working, you can catch her snoozing or taking a nice bubble bath while listening to classical music.  This helps her relax and ease her nerves.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls,Torrid babydoll, bright pinkThese are a few of her favorite things:

Beverage of Choice: Coffee, Tea, Wine, Water <-- she loves all 4!

Favorite Meal: Sushi - any kind

Favorite book/genre: Sabrina loves to read and particularly enjoys politically driven novels or mysteries.  Her favorite book is called "Where are the Children?" by Mary Higgins Clark.  She first read this novel in elementary school!!

Favorite binge-worthy Netflix series: Black Mirror

Favorite inspirational quote: "Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him." -- Sabrina said that this has been the verse that has inspired her entire life and if everyone knew her story... they would understand why.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, black lace teddy, powerfulI asked Sabrina if she has now, or ever had insecurities that she has worked/or is working on overcoming.  Her answer was beautiful:

"I use to have insecurities about my body after having kids, but honestly that is a thing of the past. I realized that child birth is a blessing and so many woman pray to experience what I have been honored to not only experience once, but twice in my lifetime."

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, military spouse, camoIf Sabrina could go back and have a conversation with the 13 year old version of herself, THIS is what she would tell her:

"You do not need the validation of anyone else to realize your worth and beauty. God created you this way for a go live your life like the queen you are and without regret."

One person that Sabrina has always looked up to is her great grandfather. She said that he always told her she was a free bird and that she wasn't meant to be caged. He inspired her to truly find out who "Sabrina" was on the inside.

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, Adore Me lingerie, knit kimonoSabrina admits that the reason she did this shoot AND signed a full-model release for the world to see her stunning images is "Because someone had to! Someone had to step up and remind every mother or woman that she is beautiful despite her insecurities and what life throws at her and that you only have one life to shine as bright as you possibly can on the inside and out!"

Sasha Dale Photography, boudoir portraits, curvy girls, white lace

You can give props to Christen Gundersen of Makeup by CG for the beautiful make-up application.

Check out a the behind the scenes video of Sabrina's session here!!