Natalie {Nonnewaug High School Senior Portraits, Class of 2017}

Meet Natalie, Class of 2017 senior at Nonnewaug High School, and twin sister to Bianca! Natalie plans to study Finance at Bentley college, but in the mean time, enjoys playing Tennis and guitar, watching football, participating in the FBLA and reading books.  Her favorite color to wear is Forest Green and plum.  Natalie loves to shop at the Gap, Forever 21 and Target, just like her sister :)

If she were to choose an era in which she loved most as it relates to fashion, she would choose both today and the 70's!

Natalie enjoys watching Hart of Dixie on TV, and her favorite movie is Captain America, the first Avenger.  Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice but she also loves Sherlock Holmes.  When she turns the music on, you can catch her listening to Carol King, the Eagles, Zac Brown Band or Rihanna.

If Natalie could use one personality trait to describe herself, she would choose "down-to-earth".

Natalie's dream photoshoot is a rural setting with a fall feel to it.  She thinks that is when home is the most beautiful. Natalie's definition of beauty is:

"how you treat others and how confident you are.  Everyone at school recognizes me as a smart and hardworking person but everyone at school also trusts me me.  There is not one person who has ever looked down upon me.  I'm happy that anyone can come confide in me even if I'm not their closest friend.  In the end, everyone that knows me, respects me and I respect them and to me that is a beautiful thing to be able to have in life."

Favorite inspirational quote: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." -Eleanor Roosevelt

If Natalie could change one thing about the world, she wishes that everyone would just let each other be happy.

Her biggest role model and inspiration is her father - she said he is the hardest working man she knows.