My Partner in the Business of Life

room pic069f341cSasha_Ryan_Option 3 skinny sasha-1IMG_8515-17 Most who follow me, see me post about my son all the time - like seriously, ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm obsessed with that kid, what can I say!  :)

Today, I've decided to post about another person who is a big part of my life and I don't think I give him enough credit.  That's right, I'm talking about... my dog, Phenix!!  (KIDDING!!!)  I hope you didn't pass out.  For real though - this post is about Ryan, my husband, and my partner.

I work late more than I can count and we spend a lot of time apart - not just because of work and school, but because of the life we chose to live -- a military family--and sometimes, duty calls and my husband eventually has to leave us for extended periods of time. Some days it's easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of household chores, wondering who's turn is it to change the diaper, gasping "oh my gosh he puked all over his crib", or realizing we forgot to take the garbage out for the 2nd week in a row...we forget to just stop for a minute and really enjoy each others company.

I have to say - spending nearly two years {one pregnant and one with an infant} on my own was exhausting and emotionally draining.  I cried more times than I could count.  I truly knew what it felt like to be a single parent - and what made it even harder was having my own mom and dad on the other side of the country.  I relied primarily on friends and neighbors which many singles parents know ... it is really tough to do.  It's hard asking help from those other than your own family.  It really is.

Anyway, back on track.  When Ryan FINALLY came home in December, life got SO MUCH EASIER!  I couldn't believe it.  Our family was complete which was the best part, but you know what else was amazing?? I didn't have to change every diaper anymore, I was able to FINISH a cup of coffee, suddenly the garbage was being taken out to the street before I even thought about it - and WAIT FOR IT... LAUNDRY was getting DONE!!  My husband does LAUNDRY.  Seriously, I don't know if I thank him enough - but Ryan has truly been a lifesaver since he's been back.  Even more wonderful, nearly every morning he gets up with Xander so I can have a little extra sleep.

Not to mention, he is an AMAZING father.  He is so involved, loves spending time with our son and has really stepped up to the plate since he got home.  I honestly wasn't sure what to expect after he spent nearly two years in Afghanistan but he just merged right back into our lives like a rockstar.  I LOVE watching him and our son bond, it's one of the sweetest things.

On top of all of this, he supports my ever-growing passion for photography and my crazy and spontaneous business ventures that lie ahead.  I am so blessed to call this man my husband and partner in life.

A few facts about Ryan:

He loves all music (but secretly endulges in heavy metal when I'm not around)

He grew up in East Saint Louis

He plans on retiring in the military

He has dark brown hair but a red beard.  (He's 1/2 Black - 1/2 Irish)

He loves the gym, tattoos and motorcyles.

He wishes he could be on a beach somewhere.

He enjoys coffee as much as I do.

He is extremly laid back and patient ...  (the exact opposite of me)

He hates mushrooms, tomatoes and onions

He is currently baking me cookies. :) <-- 7:18pm Monday Evening {3/9/15}

December 2014: My husband re-uniting with our son after his 2nd deployment.SNOWSnowDay_4Childrens Museum_13