{CT Beauty & Glamour Portraits} Michele 2015

I was scrolling through the garage sale pages on Facebook a few weeks back when I came across a young lady selling a prom dress. The dress was stunning and I wanted to have it for my Senior Style Closet, but the price was a little high for me!  I reached out and offered to photograph her in the dress if she'd be willing to work out a deal on the price.  She agreed, and I'm so happy she did.  The images I took of her are breath-taking.  She kept telling me that she didn't feel beautiful and she would nervously laugh when I told her throughout the shoot that she was gorgeous!  I could tell it wasn't something she heard often but I really believe she was able to see herself in a different light after sitting down and watching her reveal video.  I think you'll agree, Michele is amazingly beautiful!

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"I really enjoyed having my makeup done at MODA. I've never had my makeup done before so it was definitely different, but in a good way! And working with Sasha in her studio was really awesome. I loved her layout and the feel of the area. During the shoot I felt very comfortable which made the shoot go smooth and fun! I definitely would recommend Sasha to a friend, and actually already have