Meet The Team: Nikki {professional stylist, Beauty by Mineko}

Meet Nikki Dawson, owner and professional stylist of Beauty by Mineko!  Nikki specializes in professional make-up artistry and hair styling for both the wedding and fashion industry.  Her work is exceptional, and she has continued to stay up-to-date with trending styles and looks in her field, while not shying away from trying new looks of her own.  Nikki is certified and licensed in make-up and aesthetics, so you better believe she's the top gal to contact if you need advice on skin care and make-up application.  Hey, she does lash lifts and tints too!


To add sparkle to the already glowing woman that she is, Nikki has had the pleasure to work with the Miss NYC Teen USA Pre-Pageant Contestants (sponsored by Rain Cosmetics) as well as the family of former NBA star Michael Jordan (for special events at Mohegan Sun Casino.) I'd say that's pretty stellar!


She does a remarkable job working with my clients creating a flawless look that pleases both them, and the camera.  Plus-  not only does she work hard to deliver exceptional service to hers and my clients, she also juggles her busy and demanding career with motherhood as she is an incredible mama to a handsome little boy.

To check out her work, visit her website at: