I Refuse to Steal Your Identity!

In today's day and age, it is so easy to get carried away with editing and post-processing in portrait photography.  With our technology, one can do just about anything to an image; change hair-color and eye color, make a body look thinner or add some more curves, just to name a few.

This brings me to my disclaimer.  Sasha Dale Photography does NOT steal your identity.  During my post processing phase, I simply enhance the beauty that already encompasses the image.  I have had parents ask me prior to shooting a session, what I plan on doing during the editing process and I can honestly assure them, I will NOT change their babies bodies in any way, ever.


Included in every SDP Session is a pre-session consultation.  This consultation is not only meant for us to plan your shoot and get to know each other to learn the feel and style you are going for, but also to learn what you want from me during my post processing phase and what you don't want me to touch.  My basic steps are to soften skin, add a little glow, remove blemishes, and enhance the richness of color.


I will NOT remove scars, moles, braces, grey hair, etc. unless specifically requested to - which is what will be discussed during our pre-consultation.  The reason I do not automatically jump at doing these edits is because, yes- some people may despise their scars, braces, moles, and want them removed in an instant... but others embrace them as a token of who they are at that time in their lives.  As I said, I refuse to steal your identity!   As a matter of fact, - if for example you have a scar with a history to it- I would love to go a step further and include a story about it in your blog post with your permission of course!


When you arrive to your In-Person Session REVEAL, and see those stunningly beautiful images roll across the screen during your custom slideshow, you will see that the girl you are staring at in those images, is in-fact, YOU and not anybody else.  The only edits I do are the ones that enhance the true beauty that you already are. :)


In conclusion, Sasha Dale Photography is NOT an identity thief.