Contemporary Beauty Portraits, New Preston CT

Yesterday was an incredible day.

My sister and I went our separate ways after high school as most of us do. She went on to pursue a degree in Art, while I obtained my BS in Construction Management. After graduating college, Kelly grew quickly in her career as an art director organizing sets for movies and commercials...while I joined the military because I was bored with my life. I moved away for 6 years working on my own personal growth where I got married, left the construction industry and took up photography. After welcoming our beautiful son into this world- I realized how much I missed being able to share my life with my sister. I was so excited when our lives finally called us back to Connecticut.

Kelly typically has a crazy busy schedule in a high-paced demanding industry, so I was thrilled when I learned she had some time off from work. We spent the entire day together yesterday. I stopped by her apartment and we sipped coffee while completing a crossword puzzle together. I met Howard for the first time. (He is her super cute, chubby and friendly cat.) Mila (the evil one) was hiding most of the visit. I also rummaged through her closet for the first time since we lived together in high school and pretty much drooled at all of the incredible wardrobe items she owns. I may break into her place one of these days and steal them all. We packed up a bunch of them to bring to the studio. After our relaxing morning, we decided to indulge in some yummy Chipotle for lunch followed by a detour to Joann fabrics on the way to the studio. We picked-out some sweet sale items to use {tulle, lace, fabric and flowers}.

We ended the day playing dress-up for a fun mini photoshoot. I even did her make-up (well most of it)!

First - we went with a super cute graphic tee.  She lounges around her house with this one - but when I saw it, I knew it would be a great match with the pink tulle skirt from Francesca's that I had hanging in my client wardrobe. We added a Francesca's statement piece to complete the look!  Seriously, how gorgeous is that necklace?!

I threw up a side pony in her hair to give a playful/flirty appearance and we did a light smokey eye for her make-up.

Kelly Valentines Day 1

Kelly Valentines Day 1


For Kelly's next look, we took her hair back down, threw on a pretty black lace dress from her closet and completed the look with a pair of large gold-ish/silver earrings and a gold bangle bracelet.  We had a great time playing with some different poses - a little bit of vogue and a lot-a-bit of fun!  Oh - and I did some multi-tasking in this one, held a blowdryer in one hand and the camera in the other!  I think I need an assistant!

Connecticut Womens Portraits, Beauty, New Preston CT, Joann Fabrics, Litchfield County

Connecticut Womens Portraits, Beauty, New Preston CT, Joann Fabrics, Litchfield County

The last image shown above was where we got a little creative.  We took one of the gorgeous floral pieces that we purchased earlier from Joann's and just stuck the long stem of it literally right down the back of her shirt- to hide it, fastening the flower to her hair with a large bobby pin. I did a vintage edit on the image, added a little flare and voila... I'm in LOVE with this image.

Last - we threw on the super cute black Romper with the deep v-cut in the back.  We took this as an opportunity to create a unique look with a few of Kelly's neck-pieces to show off the back of the outfit.  We layered several necklaces, and had them all hang down her back.  I threw her hair up in a 'neat' messy-bun to switch up the look a bit (yea, I know - technically that doesn't make sense haha- I'm a photographer, not a hair stylist!).

Other notes: All of the lighting used for this shoot was continuous studio lighting.  We shot too late in the day to take advantage of natural light (my favorite).  Backdrops used were two different 2-yard fabric lengths also purchased from Joann's. Images taken at Sasha Dale Photography located in New Preston CT.