Christine G. {October 2017}

Meet this gorgeous Bride-to-Be!  She was our bridal booth contest winner back in February and we just completed here session this past October.  Her session hair and make-up was done by the talented Nicole of Beauty by Mineko!

Christine loves to paint or make art but she doesn't do it as often as she could. Someday she would love to have an amazing little art nook in her home so she would have no excuse for not spending more time on it! She adores spending time with her future hubby, friends, and family and especially game nights at their home. Their go-to game is Mario-kart even though her hubby-to-be always beats her. They also love Scrabble, Uno, Rummikub, and more.

green satin, timelessChristine has a black miniature poodle named Olive and apparently, she totally runs the house! The pup is about 7 years old now, and is Christine's baby!!

This gorgeous bride-to-be is a passionate and committed individual.  She's been at her current employer for over 12 years,  having started as a part-time receptionist and working her way all the way up to a department manager.  She's worked her butt of to get where she is!

When Christine came to the studio, she mentioned she was on a weight loss/fitness journey. At the time, she had already lost 40 lbs over the two years she'd been at it. Though she still felt as if she had more to go, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was both physically and confidently. She even trained like crazy for her first 5K! She admitted that it was actually starting to feel like fun instead of torture!

vintage boudoir, blue satin, laceFun fact: Christine was born on Thanksgiving! Each year she celebrate her birthday with her family on Thanksgiving. She told me it always felt pretty cool being the only one getting presents during a big holiday! Every year her aunt makes her a cookie sheet sized giant chocolate chip cookie (which Christine devours in about 2 days) and her aunt promises to keep making it for her for as long as she's alive to do so!

vintage corset, tulle skirt, toplessChristine loves going on walks or just sitting outside and enjoying nature. Her family owns a cabin on a lake in Maine that she loves visiting every single year. All she has to do is kick back on the porch overlooking the water with a gin & tonic in hand, or going on a boat ride and that is her ideal way to relax!

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Be you, for you."

80s boudoir, cocacola, coke, boudoir, sexyI asked Christine what message she wishes to give young girls about self image.  This was her response:

" Its not about being skinny. Its about being healthy. But its also about understanding that there is no such thing as perfect. Even the people you see in magazines or movies are not perfect. They too have insecurities or things they hide from others. There is a lot of photo-shopping and make up to cover things that are deemed less than perfect. But its those things that make us human. Everyone struggles with self-doubt at some point. Someone can be self conscious about being "too skinny" just as much as someone who thinks they are "too fat." Stop comparing yourself and work on being your happiest self. Don't put others down for things that you have no right judging. Be nice to everyone because you don't know their story."

mermaid boudoirI love that she admitted the shoot was more for herself than it was a gift for her fiancé. She claimed it was something that had always interested her and now that she's been able to grow in self confidence, she knew it was the perfect time to show it off.

I usually don't include this part of my client questionnaire responses in my post write-up but I'm IN LOVE with Christine's response here so I just HAD to share:

My question: "Is there anything you'd like me to minimize, conceal or otherwise de-emphasize?"

Christine's response: "Ya know what... no. Its how my body is, so why hide it? How do you plan to showcase your photos?"  <--- YAAAASSS!!!!!

mermaid boudoir, little mermaid, bridal boudoirChristine's Testimonial of her experience:

"From booking my appointment all the way to receiving my final product, Sasha made the entire experience easy and stress free. She is so organized that you never need to worry about a thing. Sasha was always there to answer any questions I may have had. I loved the consultation appointment to go over outfit choices and jewelry to match. She makes you feel excited about the experience, rather than being worried about the unknown. I never felt uncomfortable with her, it was like she was just another girlfriend. The photo shoot itself was so much fun! Her energy keeps you going and you will laugh a lot! She will show you images on her camera throughout the day so you know what kind of shots she is getting. I felt like a movie star. I cannot say how amazingly talented Sasha is after seeing the final photos. They are beautiful! The only worry I had leading up to the appointment, is that I would be disappointed in the final product- NOT because I doubted Sasha, but I doubted myself and how I looked. I could not be happier. Every shot looks like a million bucks and the pictures filled me with a new confidence. The book Sasha put together is super well done. The quality of it is far beyond what I had imagined. I can't say enough about Sasha and my experience. I would recommend it to anyone! Whether you are doing it as a gift to your partner, or just for yourself, the entire experience is totally worth it."