Meet The Team: Christen {professional stylist, Make-Up By CG}

Hey guys!  I wan't to introduce to you another important member of my 'team'!  I put the word team in quotes because my make-up artists are not actually my employees, but when I hire them to come in a pamper my clients, we become a team as if we DO work for the same business. Please meet Christen Gundersen, a beautiful, and incredibly talented make-up artists, military spouse and the mother of three kids, two of which are teenage boys and one toddler girl!


Christen is a certified make-up artist and esthetician, who owns Makeup by CG, located in Southeastern CT.  She has earned over 15+ years of experience, on top of an education at Brio Cosmetology school, and completion of the Master program at The Val Garland School of Makeup. Christen specializes in photography makeup, and has extensive experience working with photographers, models, art directors, fashion designers and stylists in order to help her better understand the artistic demands of the industry.  Although photography makeup is her speciality, she can also effortlessly fulfill additional makeup needs such as bridal, prom/formal, headshot, commercial, advertising, film and even underwater!  Christen has also offered make-up lessons by request.

Christen LOVES what she does.  Specializing in photo shoots gives her the chance to see all the behind the scenes and to experience the masterpiece come together with a team.  She feels that it is incredibly rewarding to be able to watch a vision come together from start to finish.


Christen's hobbies include shopping, family time, dreaming-up creative set ideas and building her legacy. She loves 80's (rock) music, Halloween, comfy clothes and pumpkin spice. Christen admits that it's taken her a long time to find her true passions when it comes to her career, and in all the leg work, trials and errors she's gone through to get where she is, she humbly admits she wouldn't be there without the loving support of her husband and family.

Christen's favorite quote: "Well behaved women seldom make history." ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Senior Saturday: KSW Flashback

Going back a bit to the Kitchen Sink Workshop. I attended a Senior Photography workshop in Texas back in 2015 and it was one of the best educational courses I have taken for my business. While the important stuff was done inside the classroom (budgeting, marketing, financial, etc.) we also got to go out and have a little fun with some local gals who volunteered to model for us. One of my favorite was Rosline. Primarily, I was just over the top obsessed with her romper which I believe she said came from Free People, but I later couldn't find ANYWHERE. This is the perfect late summer wardrobe option when going out for dinner with friends or family, or even a shopping day at the outlets with the ladies. I get giddy when I get to look through bags of my clients outfit selections when they book me for their senior portrait experiences!

Kayley {Tween Portrait Session, 2017}

Meet the beautiful Kayley, a dreamer, athlete and artist.  Kayley Dreams to become a science teacher one day, and enjoys gymnastics, volleyball and art.  Her favorite color to wear is maroon and loves shopping at the Gap, Ann Taylor Loft, Department Stores, Boutiques, Vintage shops and Target!  If she could choose an era of clothing/fashion she loves best, she can't decide between the 70's and 90's. Kayley's favorite tv show is Full House and her favorite movie is Grease!  Great choices!  If you catch her reading, it would be the Savvy Series.


Kayley's favorite quote is: "Hard days are the best because that's when champions are made." - Gabby Douglas.


If she could change one thing about the world, Kayley would get rid of ALL the pollution.

Her gymnastics coach, Ms. Jillian, inspires her because she is always pushing Kayley to do better.

Calista {Gunnery Senior, Class of 2017}

Meet Calista, a class of 2017 senior at the Gunnery.  Calista is involved in Crew and Skiing clubs at her school, and hopes to continue her education at Elon University studying marketing, communications and pre-dental.

Her favorite color to wear is blue, her wardrobe is pretty preppy, and she loves to shop at Hollister, Aeropastale, and small boutiques.

In her free time, you'll catch Calista watching Gossip Girl, Endless Love, Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Titanic.  She loves all music and enjoys reading the Cosmopolitan magazine.

If Calista could choose one word to describe herself, she chooses "Friendly."

Calista's dream photoshoot would be in Paris with an unlimited wardrobe selection. Her favorite quote:

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned in life: It goes on"

If Calista could change one thing about the world, it would be to find a cure for ALL terminal illness.

Gina {Westover Senior, Class of 2017}

Meet Gina, Class of 2017 Senior at Westover School.  Gina plans to study Pre-Med (focused on Neuroscience) at Furman University.  Currently, she is a member of the Glee club, gospel choir, robotics team and she manages JV basketball.  She also plans to start a club at her school with a friend that circles around Women in Medicine.

Gina's favorite colors to wear are blue and purple, her style is mostly preppy and she loves shopping at Hollister/Aeropostale, Forever 21, Express and other boutiques.

Gina's favorite tv series is Scream Queens, and her favorite movie is Spirit of the Cimarron.  Her favorite book is Looking for Alaska by John Green and she loves listening to pop punk bands.

If Gina could use one trait to describe herself, she chooses Unique.

Favorite Quote: "One thing about trains: it doesn't matter where they're going.  What matters is deciding to get on."  - The Polar Express.  

I asked Gina if she could change one thing about the world, what would it be.  She responded with:

"I just wish people didn't have to suffer medically or emotionally.  My freshman year I was still in public school and I had been bullied really badly until going to Westover so I really wasn't happy for those years of my life and in 8th grade I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so I know both sides of medical and emotional challenges and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Gina's role model is her grandmother.  She loves her so much and said her grandmother was always generous and kind and would do anything to help anyone.