VIP Referral Program {Beauty & Boudoir Portraits}

As of August 2016, all Sasha Dale Photography Beauty & Boudoir clients past and present will be invited to participate in our referral program.  If you haven't already received a personalized referral card, please email me so that I can send you one!

***A Referral = BOOKED AND PAID FOR SESSION. (Including completed ordering appointment)

Referral Categories:

Earn $50 Product Credit/per REFERRAL to Use Towards Your Purchase:

The opportunity to receive product credit has a very short time limit.  You will receive $50 in product credit PER referral that is completed prior to your ordering appointment.  Product credit may only be used AT your ordering appointment within 4 weeks of your portrait session.  You will not receive a personalized referral card for this type of referral, but you will receive a standard referral card to email to friends as soon as you book your session.


Cold Hard Cash - $50 PER Referral

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send our way.  For EVERY referral, you will receive a check for $50 in the mail.  Easy as that.  Go shopping, save it up, donate it... it's yours, do what you want with it!  When you complete your ordering appointment, you will receive personalized referral cards either by email or hard copy to distribute to anyone and everyone you know who may be interested in a portrait session.

Complimentary Beauty or Boudoir Session + $500 Specialty Product Credit ($799 value)

Refer 10 clients to Sasha Dale Photography and earn a complimentary session PLUS $500 in Specialty Product Credit to use for yourself or gift to someone you love who deserves a day of pampering as well!

Full Day of Luxury and Pampering at one of Connecticut's Finest Spa's PLUS Dinner for TWO

Refer 20 clients to Sasha Dale Photography and receive VIP treatment for 2, at a Luxury Day Spa in CT plus $200 Gift Certificate to a 5-Star Restaurant.


  1. Referral = BOOKED & PAID FOR Portrait Session and Completed Ordering Appointment (a phone call inquiring about my services does NOT count as a referral)
  2. Referred Party MUST turn in your referral card (either show image of it on phone, or hand in hard copy at the time of their session).