Red, White & Denim is rooting for the Patriots!

Any New England Patriots fans in the house?  Me! Me!

Jen and I got together to shoot her October blog content last fall featuring the NFL line Patriots apparel including stuff for her puppy!!  Tonight is a big night for the PATS since they are so close to making it to the Superbowl...therefore I thought it would be a great time to debut her shoot!  Go Pats Go!


Pipa Family

I've known Zona for a couple of years now - she was one of the first business owners I met when I moved back to Connecticut.  Zona owns a make-up artistry business (Egzona Pipa) - and she's amazing.  Her family just found a dream home and reached out because they were finally ready to adorn their walls with updated family photos, as it's been years.  We chose to visit Harkness Park because she wanted to be surrounded by flowers - but I also thought it would be a nice idea to have the variety of the beach location nearby.  The location did NOT disappoint. Oh- I have to say - this handsom 5 year old boy was seriously one of the best behaved kids I've ever met!

If you haven't been over to Harkness Park yet, you definitely should go check it out - pack a picnic and just enjoy the scenery.  It features a beautiful seaside castle, flower gardens, and a perfect white sandy beach.

Seriously, these gorgeous columns - looks like we are in a rainforest!

This boy for real knows how to work it! Look at that smile!  I think he is SOO ready for Kindergarten!

Our Own Family {Dale 2015}

While I love photographing other families all year, it's still just as important to me to continue documenting our own family (particularily our 2-year old who grows by the minute).   Life has a way of getting away from you and next thing you know, your child is 15 and you feel like you've missed so much!  You never know what life will throw at you, so capture it now, and keep it for history. Dale Family_1Dale Family_2Dale Family_3Dale Family_5Dale Family_7Dale Family_8Dale Family_9Dale Family_10Dale FamilyXander Selfie

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An Apple A day...{Our Trip to March Farm}

If you are looking for something to do as a family this fall, make sure to check out March Farm in Bethlehem.  I know there are several orchards around Connecticut, but this is my favorite.  It is vast and has so much variety and tons of kids activities to do as well including corn maze and a pretty sweet children's play area.  Right now there are still tons of delicious looking peaches waiting for you to go pick!  The farm store is always stocked with delicious produce if you're just not up for an afternoon of picking!  We spent Saturday evening roaming around and picking apples... and really just eating the apples we picked.  We love to teach our son that fruits and veggies actually grow on trees and in the ground... and not in that brick building down the street from our house :)

Hey - if you're up to it, let's book a session there and we can combine your family portraits for those holiday cards with some good old fashion family bonding time and apple picking!

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