Carrie E. {Connecticut Boudoir August 2017}

sexy boudoir, topless boudoir, implied nude, connecticut boudoir photography

sexy boudoir, topless boudoir, implied nude, connecticut boudoir photography

This gorgeous mother-of-two came to the studio for some much needed me-time, and a bonus gift for her husband.  She brought in some beautiful pieces including a stunning statement necklace and an unexpected favorite --a Lularoe Sarah cover-up.  Nicole with Beauty by Mineko pampered Carrie with a fresh make-up look and then we knocked out her shoot. She herself is a lover of photography ever since she took her first photographer class in the 9th grade.  She was able to start pursuing professional part-time photography after becoming a stay at home mom nearly 6 years ago.  Her hope down the road is to continue her passion in photography full-time focusing on exclusively newborn photography. She believes there is something so precious and amazing about capturing the newness of a baby during that first week home!


Carrie has two beautiful boys, both of whom were born premature, and one of which was born as a micro-preemie (before gestation of 28 weeks).  If she could change one thing about the world, she wishes that no more babies would die due to prematurity.  It's a heartbreaking notion, but the fact is it happens all too often (I would know, as my daughter was also born 3.5 months early) so I completely understand this prayer of hers.


Carrie did want to share a totally unrelated but fun fact about herself...she used to be a nude (artist) model in college (and a little bit after)... "it was the highest paying job on campus, hey a girl's gotta eat ;-)"


Carrie's favorite thing to do to relax is become a total couch potato and binge watch true crime shows and anything about the paranormal.



Fear: Spiders

Favorite Book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Dream: To live on the beach and own her own brick & mortar photography studio.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Dream Trip: Ireland...they are planning a trip there for either Fall 2018 or 2019!


This is what Carrie wishes to tell all young girls about self image: "Love yourself and others will love you too, just the way that you are. Be yourself not who you think everyone wants you to be."

Carrie is inspired by her friend Kristina who unfortunately had a lot of demons and sadly passed away 4 years ago far too young at age 34. She was a truly amazing person and Carrie honestly doesn't believe Kristina knew how much of a difference she made in her life.