byQuinn Fashion {July 2016}

We meet again!  This time, we visited Elizabeth Garden in mid-July where the flowers are FINALLY starting to show their colors.  We hoped to gain access to the green houses but they were locked - which worked out perfectly since the outfit we wanted to shoot inside there was accidentally left at home! Michelle's outfits were as usual, gorgeous, feminine, flirty and flowy!  Just like this peach top that is paired beautifully with her light wash denim jeans!

byQuinnblog 07|12|16 1

It was a HOT sunny day with just a little breeze, but she rocked her session no sweat!  (We ran into TONS of Pokemon-Go players, go figure!) byQuinnblog 07|12|16 2

Michelle brought along an adorable denim top with a lace accent that I drool for (you know I'm addicted to lace, right??).  Paired with sweet white denim shorts, some fun shades and a good book - this is the perfect outfit for a little me-time afternoon in the park!byQuinnblog 07|12|16 3

As usual, we also photographed some gorgeous dresses including this great black cocktail dress.  It is casual enough to wear every day, but can be dressed up for an evening out.  Sadly Michelle couldn't find her choker (until after she switched outfits).  Yes - I said neck choker!  They are back IN! byQuinnblog 07|12|16 4

Seriously, this white dress is stunning.  Simple, lacy, elegant.  It would be perfect for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, wouldn't it?? byQuinnblog 07|12|16 5

This floral beauty is SO flowy!  You should have seen it when the wind picked up.  The dress came alive with every step Michelle took and every gust of wind the sky gave us.  What a great dress to wear on a Summer evening out!

Visit Michelle's site to learn about these latest styles and where to get them!

Stay posted, there will be many more weeks of fashion posts!