MODEL CALL!!!! Beauty ReDefined {Makeover Experience}

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We live in a world where society has us constantly questioning our own appearance. It seems to be a common goal that women and girls alike will try just about anything to achieve "beauty" by the standards of our society.  The media is a major contributor to the insecurities that women young and old face on a daily basis whether in the tabloids, on television or the big ones these days, Facebook and Instagram.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines beauty as two things:

1. the quality of being physically attractive

2. the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind

Guess which definition our society chooses to use?

This needs to change.

Growing up - I felt ugly.  I was made fun of for the clothes I wore, and the way I looked.  We didn't have the money to shop at Gap and Old Navy like the other 'cool kids' did.  We shopped at K-Mart, and that was that.  I struggled enough with not being able to fit in on a style standpoint, but my physical appearance was another story.  I had big bushy eyebrows and boys ACTUALLY made fun of me for that- it's not just in the movies kids!  Those eyebrows where the same eyebrows that people would die for today - but that were so "ugly" over 15 years ago.  Now they will never look that way again because I fell into the trap that society planted for me and I plucked and plucked and plucked to satisfy my need to fit in when I really wish I'd had some help just bringing out my own inner beauty - aka, my confidence.

The purpose of my Beauty ReDefined make-over series is to help some well deserving young teens show the world who they are on the inside because that is where true beauty lies.  The series will focus on 2-3 young ladies from local Bloomington/Normal high schools who are ready to embrace their inner beauty and gain a boost of confidence.

Now I bet you are wondering about Sasha Dale Photography's Beauty ReDefined Makeover!  These sessions will consist of the following:

1. Pre-Session Consultation with Me (Sasha) and Stylist: We will meet with each young lady in person to learn about them and learn about what it is that they want the world to know about them.  We will discuss hair & make-up styling for the session date to fit as naturally as possible with each model's unique body type.  Cut and possible color may be included if recommended by the stylist.  We will talk about and target insecurities in each individual and learn what we can do to boost that confidence and extract that inner beauty.  We will plan for the session to make sure that it is 100% unique to each individual participating in this series.

2. Wardrobe consultation: I will meet with each model prior to their session and go through their wardrobe and help them piece together some of their favorite outfits that make them feel the most like themselves- and the most confident.  We want to pull out their personality more than anything else and their wardrobe is part of that personality!

3. Approximately 1.5 hours of professional hair & airbrush make-up: the purpose of this is not to change ones appearance but to add confidence and accentuate the models beautiful features.  Every single one of my clients' moods and confidence was clearly lifted after they received a professional styling treatment.  They stood taller, smiled more, laughed more - and really opened up.  It's crazy awesome!  If you are interested in learning more about the positive psychological effects of wearing make-up, please check out Natalie Bell's blog post on FutureDerm: Make-Up Can Boost Confidence 

4. Up to 3 hours of shoot time: The session will take place both on-location and in the studio.  Locations can be downtown, uptown, park, woods, lake, etc.  Whichever location suites each model's personality is where we will shoot. Part of this session will be a video-interview.

5. Premier In-Person Reveal session: 2 Weeks after the ReDefined session, the model will be invited back to the SDP studio for a Premier Reveal where I will have the pleasure of showing them a slide-show music video of all of the gorgeous images from their session.  After they've seen all of their images, we will also conclude their video interview of their experience.

6. One 8x10 Gift Print and a $100 product credit.  As a special gift, each selected participant will also receive a FREE 8x10 gift print and a $100 print credit towards wall art, albums and/or digital negative purchases.

Application Requirements: (must complete both)

1. Create a 15 second (or less) video of yourself describing in YOUR WORDS what TRUE Beauty is.

Post this video to Instagram with the description: "I am beautiful because I said so. @SashaDalePhotography #beautyReDefined" {Make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can tag me in the post!}

2. Tag THREE friends on your post in the comments who you think would love an experience like this as well! Expample: "Hey @SarahSmith, @RachelYoung and @TonyaHighland - you girls should check out this Make-Over Model Call by @SashaDalePhotography!"

2. Email me at with the following information:

*Name, Email, School, Age, Instagram Tag

*Introduce Yourself, Extracurriculars, Sports, Etc.

*What do you want to be "when you grow up?"

*If your friends were to describe you, what would they say?

*What is your true definition of Beauty?

*What is your favorite Inspirational Quote?

*What do you want people to know about you?

*What are your insecurities? 

*What do you feel you could gain from this experience?


1. Must be female, 16 or older

2. Must be a student at ANY Bloomington/Normal IL high school.

3. Must not have been professionally photographed in the past year.

4. Submissions due: Saturday May 16th, 8pm.

UPDATE 5/16/15: Submission deadline extended through May 20th.

 You are beautiful if you say you are.  Don't allow anyone to let you feel otherwise. Good luck!