Disney's Snow White Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

The fairest of them all, Snow White was our inspiration for this stunning transformation.  Christen (Makeup by CG) decided to add some black to the lip for a more 'poisonous' lip color and have it 'ombre' to read in the middle.  It looked incredible.  We pinned her hair back a bit for that iconic Snow White do, and added pearls to throw in that vintage 40's vibe.  Of course - we also had to add the apple, and went as far as using a red smoke bomb for some extra flare! The velvet top was from Target, the bottoms were from Amazon!

A little behind the scenes for fun:

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Disney's Rapunzel Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

When we prepared to transform this gorgeous mama into our Rapunzel inspired boudoir diva, we also decided we'd take her outside the studio to the closest thing we thought resembled a lonely tower - and that was an abandoned warehouse just on the other side of town.  In fact, we stayed on the first floor since access to any additional floors was blocked off - and we just made sure to shoot from an angle that allowed the image to appear as if she was up in a tower.  We also brought flowers from the studio and randomly placed them amongst the dead wintery vines climbing up the building to give a little life to them! Christen, owner of Makeup by CG (the master behind the hair and makeup transformations in this series) stuck with a soft feminine look, a long braid and some flowers scattered throughout!  I had already ordered this gorgeous teddy from Adore Me and it was absolutely perfect for a Rapunzel inspired look.

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Disney's Mulan Inspired Boudoir Shoot {2018}

Since the purpose of this project was not only to show how easy it was to transform every day amazing women into a goddess inspired by Disney Princesses, but also to give Christen Gundersen (Makeup by CG) and myself (Sasha Dale, duh!) a creative outlet to try new and exciting styles/looks etc.  With this thought in mind, we decided to take our Mulan look a step further and add a Geisha vibe to the shoot! Christen found the perfect robe at Goodwill, the light pink teddy came from Primark and the flower headpiece was a garland from Michaels craft store!

If you scroll down, you'll see that we decided to VAMP up this look for fun and added some black and red to her wardrobe and makeup - go check it out!

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Disney's Jasmine Inspired Boudoir Shoot {2018}

I don't want to play favorites, but I think this was my favorite shoot - possibly because I am a color-lover, plus I love patterns, and pattern mixing, and golds, and warm tones... and EVERYTHING YOU SEE HERE.  Can you see where we pulled our inspiration from??  I couldn't wait to transform this gorgeous lady into a goddess inspired by Disney's Jasmine!  We were so thrilled when she brought some of her own accessories to add to our vision including the necklace that practically mirrors Jasmine's iconic necklace in the movie, and the gorgeous Middle Eastern scarves and jewelry.  As usual, Christen with Makeup by CG did a total bomb job with her hair and makeup transformation and we have to send props to Yandy for the gorgeous teddy that is literally PERFECT for a Jasmine inspired goddess.

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Disney's Esmerelda Inspired Boudoir Session {2018}

We know Esmerelda is not a princess, but she is a Disney Heroine that we all know and love.  We were inspired by Esmerelda's carefree traits and colorful details. We picked up a simple bra and boy-short from Target, plus a bright pink head wrap and then decked her out in jewelry.  We kept her hair curly and crazy, free and easy!  A little attitude in the makeup and we have our Esmerelda inspiration.  Transformation by Makeup by CG!

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