Behind Every Mask is A Face. Behind Every Face, A Story. {Emily 2018}

“Growing up I loved doing the glamour pictures at the mall.  I loved how beautiful and pampered I felt having my hair and makeup done, and then getting to choose from a wide variety of sophisticated looking outfits.  As an adult, my love for this never dwindled, but my confidence did.  I found Sasha through a mutual friend, and I decided to say what the heck. I scheduled my first ever boudoir session.Sasha is very professional and organized, but fun and easy to work with.  She kept everything on track and made the whole process easy.  Not once did I feel self conscious, but the complete opposite.  For the first time in along time I felt glamorous again.  I didn't even feel that way on my wedding day. Sasha had many great ideas, and was more than happy to take my thoughts and suggestions into consideration to creative a group effort, so my visions could come true. I was in such a hurry to get to the studio, I completely forgot two whole outfits.  It wasn’t a problem, because Sasha had a full closet of items for me to choose from. Sasha, and our friend Christen Gundersen [Makeup by CG], helped me feel like a sexier, more mature version of that girl at the mall.”