After FOUR attempts in asking her out, she finally said yes!!

Kelsey & Brad met each other in the Summer of 69’— just kidding, it was summer of 2016 (but I couldn’t help myself) I love nostalgia and that includes my favorite songs from the 90’s :)

Ok back to this dream couple. The two met online, and after 4 different attempts on Brad’s part to get Kelsey to go out with him, she finally obliged and they had their first date on September 5th that year at an ice cream shop! At the time, Kelsey was so nervous and wasn’t really in the market for a relationship, but decided to give him a shot- and by the end of that first date, she was so glad she did.

Once Brad asked Kelsey to move in with him, and she had the key in hand she knew that he was as serious about her as she was about him. She needed a lot of reassurance to know that she could let her guard down and let Brad be her safe place. The first 15 years of her life were not her best. She has been through the worst but it has created the person Ishe is today. The thing she strives for most in life, is happiness- and well, Brad truly makes her happy.

Kelsey admires Brad’s genuine kindness. He rubs off on every single person he encounters. It’s how genuine he acts in every way that makes her love him more and more daily.

In their spare time, Brad and Kelsey love being homebodies. They love to snuggle and watch tv together & eat all the yummy snacks! When they do leave the house, its safe to say that the beach is their favorite place! Swimming, laying out and being on the water paddle boarding is the right way to spend summer days!

I asked Kelsey - ‘If you could go on a date, anywhere in the world, do anything you wanted, for any amount of money, what would you do (and where)?’

“We’d stay somewhere hot and tropical, maybe a hut in the Maldives on the water. “

Here are a few of their favorite people, places and things:

Texas Roadhouse
The Yard House (in MA)
Steak with Ceasar salad (meal)
My Sister’s Keeper (movie)
Moscato (Kelsey)
Beer (Brad)
Pizza Rolls
Ice Cream

Together, Kelsey and Brad just purchased their FIRST home (EEK!! YAY!!!) and celebrated their one year wedding anniversary on July 10th!

Their dreams are to truly enjoy their time together after Brad’s crazy military schedule and lifestyle dies down a bit. They look forward to have kids of their own and travel with them (currently Kelsey nannies, so she has sudo-kids!)

As someone who now knows these two personally, I am SO excited to watch their beautiful lives unfold as they grow in their new home and welcome children into their amazing little family <3

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