She loves to binge on great TV shows such as Golden Girls and Penny Dreadful.

This striking lady is Lauren, another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She is living her dream as a stay at home mom of 2 1/2 year old twins. She decided to treat herself to having portraits taken as a celebration of achieving a significant weight loss goal and also as a gift to her husband.

Lauren enjoy’s crafting and dyeing her bold colored hair in her spare time, and recently she’s taken up creating beautiful watercolor paintings (that are for sale here). She also loves to binge on great TV shows including Golden Girls and Penny Dreadful. When she needs a moment of ‘me time’ to relax she likes to sneak away and drink her morning coffee alone.

To overcome her insecurities, Lauren has worked hard to try and keep her mindset health centered instead of on her looks. If she could share advice with the thirteen year old version of herself she would say: ‘Be who you want to be right now. You don’t need to try to dress, act, or think differently.’

I wanted to take another moment to tell a more personal part of Lauren’s story because we both share something in common. Her twins were born early. And not a week or a few weeks early. Her twins were born at 26 weeks (same exact timing as my daughter) so we share this fact. However - Lauren has gone through SO much with those two babies, especially her daughter who suffers from chronic illness. This woman you see here carries the weight on her shoulders with so much grace and love. Her sweet children are growing bigger and stronger every day and it is an honor to know her and follow her journey.

I found a beautiful excerpt from her blog-page (The Crazy Haired Momma):

“When my twins were born at just 26 weeks i knew instantly that my experiences as a new mother would not be like the other moms. I knew I would not, I could not, bond the same way other mothers did with their children because of the remarkable and complex circumstances of their birth. What i didn’t know yet was that our bond would be just as strong as the others, but we would have to forge it in our own unique way. I didn’t know that it would grow to be just as remarkable as the amazing story of their survival. And that through fear, and grief, and sadness we would find happiness and beauty. I didn’t know that it would be the greatest joy in my life.”

Professional HMUA: Christen Gundersen, Makeup by CG