She spends her days taking care of other people’s bodies, and finally took the time to reconnect with her own.

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ This is the quote that inspires this gorgeous wife and mother. Lisa was another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She first told herself that these portraits would be a surprise gift for her husband, but ultimately it became a time for her to be pampered and have some fun trying to step out of her comfort zone.

Lisa has two grown children, a daughter who just got married in June and a son who is a grad student at the University of Virginia. Though both of her kids are out of the house she doesn’t consider her husband and herself empty nesters because they still have their big baby yellow lab Molly at home with them.

Lisa started her career working in the medical field for over 20 years before she decided to change her path. She is now a licensed Massage Therapist. She feels the power of positive touch is so important and can be have a healing effect on most bodies. Lisa stays active practicing yoga and taking long walks with her dog. She also loves doing crafts with her new Cricut machine.

Lisa lives her life just trying to love herself. With the work that she does as a massage therapist she believes it important to not judge others, every BODY is beautiful, and she tries live by that notion as well. If she could give advice to the younger version of herself she would say: ‘Don’t be so self critical. Not everyone is judging you. Love yourself for who you are.’


“Before I forget the words my husband used I wanted to thank you so very much for this special unique opportunity! These are a few of my husband’s favorites. He was blown away! He said he never even imagined I would do something like this for him (and for me). For the past week I Keep getting compliments from him on how beautiful I am and I find him just taking the album out and looking at it. He said he loves these pictures and keeps wondering what I’m thinking in them. Hmm maybe I’ll just keep him guessing. Lol. I told him how special and beautiful I felt that day of the shoot and he said he wished I knew how beautiful I was to him all the time. Wow I think I will never forget his total shock and amazement when he looked at his gift and the adored look in his eyes.”