This Cross-fit mother of two wears many hats. She finally put on a ‘me’ hat for a day.

This gorgeous athletic body belongs to Nikki, a fun and outgoing mother of two who wanted to have a portrait session done to enjoy a little ‘me time’. She told me about the many different ‘hats’ that she wears in her life and that sometimes this can wear a woman down (AMEN!). She admits that even though she hasn’t completely lost herself, she has definitely put herself on the back burner for a while and it was time for some self love.

Nikki is a nurse, a student, and a single mother to 2 children...which she admits also makes her an Uber driver, a mobile bank, and an overprotective bodyguard. She is incredibly active and has a hard time sitting still because she feels guilty that there is always something that needs to be done. Even with her very busy schedule she makes sure to find time to take care of her body. Health has always been very important to Nikki so she does Crossfit to stay fit and strong. She has been doing Crossfit for so long she says that she feels now like she has more muscles that curves and though she loves and appreciates how she looks, she admits that she feels like she’s lost a little bit of her femininity. Well— we love those muscles and abs and think they embody all that is feminine, as they emphasize a strong work ethic and a beautiful woman that loves and takes care of her body. Nikki has worked hard over the years to accept and love herself and if she could share any advice with young girls about self image she would tell them: ‘Never forget who you are. Self confidence is the most beautiful dress you wear.’

It certainly doesn’t sound like she’s got a whole lot of down time but when she does find a moment to relax, she says she really just enjoys some good Netflix and chill time. She also loves to read (she’s a sucker for a good dystopian society novel) and would kill for a good hike in the woods or a nap on a tropical beach…Im right there with you girl!

It’s certainly apparent that this lovely lady lives by the message in her favorite quote: ‘Don't count the days. Make the days count.’