“Just don't care what other people think, Let your freak flag fly!”

Christine came in to have her portraits taken as part of our 30 women over 30 portrait series. Her and her husband got married this past April and have a miniature poodle together named Olive (so cute!). She works as a manager for a manufacturing company and although it wasn’t what she dreamed she would be doing she totally loves her job. They just bought their first house this past summer so most of her time lately has been spent fixing it up and making it their ‘home’. When she isn’t fixing the house up she likes to craft and paint. Christine also loves to put her feet up and relax by binging some episodes of Parks and Rec or reading her favorite book series, Harry Potter (Both so good!).

Christine comes from a family of amazing women whom she looks up to. She says her Mom, Grandmother and Aunt all have very different life stories but the common theme among them is that they are good, brave, loving and hard working people which inspires her in her own life. Fittingly her favorite quote is: "If you want to be proud of yourself, you have to do things to make yourself proud.” which she says means ‘get up off your butt and make it happen!’

Like many other women Christine also admits to having struggled with weight and body issues but always continues to work on overcoming those doubts, she says: ‘Insecurities come and go so it’s really just about trying to not be so hard on yourself. No one is setting these expectations other than yourself. Trying to be kind to yourself isn't always easy, but you try.’

Christine wanted to do this session as a gift for herself so she could have some ‘me time’. This was actually her second time getting her portraits taken and she explained that she felt so powerful and confident after her first experience she had to come back for more!

To sum it up Christine says it best when asked what message she would tell the younger version of herself and she answered: ‘Just don't care what other people think, Let your freak flag fly!”

HMUA: Christen Gundersen, Makeup by CG