Car saleswoman by day, wine and burrito-lover at night, horseback rider all around!

Amanda is a hard working sales woman who lives with her boyfriend, two dogs and a cat. Her session was part of our 30 women over 30 portrait series. When she is not working she loves to go horseback riding or enjoy some time reading her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. When she has a free evening, Amanda will indulge in some wine paired with her favorite food, her boyfriends delicious burritos!

Amanda says about her insecurities that she is working on accepting herself the way she is. ‘Its about what makes you feel good and beautiful, not other people.’

This Realtor, bartender, mother and grandmother to 8 has her hands (and heart) full.

Meet Veronica, a Realtor, part time Bartender, Mother and Grandmother! Veronica and her husband blended their families almost 18 years ago and now have together 6 grown children and 8 grandchildren who she loves to spend time with as often as possible. Veronica also loves to exercise and go to the beach when she has some time to herself.

Veronica was another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She told us knowing that there were other women in the over 30 age group participating made it seems less intimidating to decide to have her portraits taken. In the earlier years of her motherhood, Veronica told us that she had gained a lot of weight after having 4 children and she admits that it messed with her head for a while. Even though she lost the weight the ‘scars’ left on her body from weight gain and loss seemed to loom over her and though she works hard to stay in relatively good shape sometimes it still feels like it’s not enough. Veronica explained that to work on her insecurities she pushes to always try to improve herself mentally, spiritually and physically and taking part in our portrait series was yet another way of accomplishing that goal.

If she could give one piece of advice to her younger self she would tell her: ‘Don't let anyone especially a boy tell you your worth. The most important beauty is on the inside and that is what will last.”


“I absolutely loved the experience! Sasha, Christen and Leanne are so great ! For me this was better than a day at the spa after the shoot I felt so beautiful and refreshed ,like I could do anything. These ladies not only make you feel comfortable, they are encouraging and uplifting and truly see the beauty inside every woman they photograph ..and It shows in the pictures too ! Thank you ladies for the experience and I highly recommend everyone do this at least once in your life because YOU deserve it!”

She spends her days taking care of other people’s bodies, and finally took the time to reconnect with her own.

‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ This is the quote that inspires this gorgeous wife and mother. Lisa was another participant in our 30 women over 30 portrait series. She first told herself that these portraits would be a surprise gift for her husband, but ultimately it became a time for her to be pampered and have some fun trying to step out of her comfort zone.

Lisa has two grown children, a daughter who just got married in June and a son who is a grad student at the University of Virginia. Though both of her kids are out of the house she doesn’t consider her husband and herself empty nesters because they still have their big baby yellow lab Molly at home with them.

Lisa started her career working in the medical field for over 20 years before she decided to change her path. She is now a licensed Massage Therapist. She feels the power of positive touch is so important and can be have a healing effect on most bodies. Lisa stays active practicing yoga and taking long walks with her dog. She also loves doing crafts with her new Cricut machine.

Lisa lives her life just trying to love herself. With the work that she does as a massage therapist she believes it important to not judge others, every BODY is beautiful, and she tries live by that notion as well. If she could give advice to the younger version of herself she would say: ‘Don’t be so self critical. Not everyone is judging you. Love yourself for who you are.’


“Before I forget the words my husband used I wanted to thank you so very much for this special unique opportunity! These are a few of my husband’s favorites. He was blown away! He said he never even imagined I would do something like this for him (and for me). For the past week I Keep getting compliments from him on how beautiful I am and I find him just taking the album out and looking at it. He said he loves these pictures and keeps wondering what I’m thinking in them. Hmm maybe I’ll just keep him guessing. Lol. I told him how special and beautiful I felt that day of the shoot and he said he wished I knew how beautiful I was to him all the time. Wow I think I will never forget his total shock and amazement when he looked at his gift and the adored look in his eyes.”

This Cross-fit mother of two wears many hats. She finally put on a ‘me’ hat for a day.

This gorgeous athletic body belongs to Nikki, a fun and outgoing mother of two who wanted to have a portrait session done to enjoy a little ‘me time’. She told me about the many different ‘hats’ that she wears in her life and that sometimes this can wear a woman down (AMEN!). She admits that even though she hasn’t completely lost herself, she has definitely put herself on the back burner for a while and it was time for some self love.

Nikki is a nurse, a student, and a single mother to 2 children...which she admits also makes her an Uber driver, a mobile bank, and an overprotective bodyguard. She is incredibly active and has a hard time sitting still because she feels guilty that there is always something that needs to be done. Even with her very busy schedule she makes sure to find time to take care of her body. Health has always been very important to Nikki so she does Crossfit to stay fit and strong. She has been doing Crossfit for so long she says that she feels now like she has more muscles that curves and though she loves and appreciates how she looks, she admits that she feels like she’s lost a little bit of her femininity. Well— we love those muscles and abs and think they embody all that is feminine, as they emphasize a strong work ethic and a beautiful woman that loves and takes care of her body. Nikki has worked hard over the years to accept and love herself and if she could share any advice with young girls about self image she would tell them: ‘Never forget who you are. Self confidence is the most beautiful dress you wear.’

It certainly doesn’t sound like she’s got a whole lot of down time but when she does find a moment to relax, she says she really just enjoys some good Netflix and chill time. She also loves to read (she’s a sucker for a good dystopian society novel) and would kill for a good hike in the woods or a nap on a tropical beach…Im right there with you girl!

It’s certainly apparent that this lovely lady lives by the message in her favorite quote: ‘Don't count the days. Make the days count.’

Her tattoo says "Even in Australia" and here is why!

This fun gorgeous lady is Sarah. Sarah is a hard working wife and mother of two and because her family takes priority to her, she very rarely spends money on herself. In the last year, with lots of diligence and effort she succeeded in her weight loss goal pulling herself out of her ‘own personal darkness’. Sarah had felt ashamed of her body for so long but recently she had noticed in a photo that a friend took of her that the light in her eyes and her confidence was back. So she decided that she must document this to celebrate all that she has accomplished! I just love what Sarah had to say about accomplishing her goal because it is so relatable: ‘I have a hard time being proud of anything I do, but I think I might be just a little bit proud of myself....’

Sarah should be proud of herself! She managed to completely adjust her diet and start her incredible fitness journey to reach her goal on top of being a mom, a sales rep for a food distributor and a pastry chef with a side business making the most astonishing and gorgeous custom cakes which she says is her true passion! I don’t know how she finds enough hours in the day, it is impressive to say the least!

Hard to think she could find much time for relaxing but when she has time to indulge in some ‘me’ time besides working out she enjoys binging some episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix or just scrolling through Instagram to take her mind of the craziness of the day. Although she isn’t able to fit it in as much these days, she loves to read, especially anything by James Patterson or Jodi Piccoult.

Sarah also loves her tattoos and it was great to have the opportunity to put some of them in the forefront of her photographs. They each have a specific and personal meaning to her and a majority of them include a quote of some sort.

She explained one of her favorites to me saying:

“I have the words ‘Even in Australia’ tattooed on my left arm from the book ‘Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day’. When my sisters and I were little, my dad would read that book to us all the time. Alexander is having a really bad day and keeps mentioning how he wants to move to Australia, and at the end of the book his mom says ‘some days are like that, even in Australia’. Whenever I'm having a bad day I call my dad and he always says to me ‘Sar - even in Australia’. It reminds me that this too shall pass. The tattoo is in his handwriting, so I carry his words with me everyday.”

What a beautiful reminder to have with you always!

When asked what she would say to her younger self about body image she said: ‘I guess be proud of the body that you have. Be grateful for all that it will do. Even though you don't feel beautiful on the outside someone will fall in love with what is on the inside. Your body is not a reflection of your heart.’

HMUA: Christen Gundersen of Makeup by CG

Sarah’s Testimonial:

“I cannot thank Sasha and her team enough for making me feel so special, beautiful and glamorous for my boudoir shoot. I have been self conscious about my body since...well, forever, and upon walking into Sasha’s studio my mind was instantly put at ease. She incorporated so many elements that I had envisioned, but didn’t necessarily think would turn out ok, and made it look effortless. My entire face hurt from smiling so much that day! Ahhh such a great experience!! Thank you thank you thank you all for making that day so so special!!”