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***UPDATE***** WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR WOMEN WHO USE A WHEELCHAIR, Colostomy bag or feeding tube, etc.)!!!

As many of you may already know - Sasha Dale Photography is transitioning into working with women on body image mindset and positivity in the form of an incredible self-love photoshoot experience. Our goal for ever woman when she walks through our doors is to leave feeling more in love with herself then she was before. We tend to have this image of the ‘perfect body’ in our minds when judging ourselves in the mirror - but what we need to do is look at OUR own body and realize how perfect it is.

I want to create an image filled with women. All different women of different ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc. This image will hang in my studio but also be shared throughout my sites as an empowering reminder that EVERY body is the perfect body.


In order to create this montage that I am dreaming of, I will be hosting several photoshoots over the next few months in hopes to bring in between 30-50 women to stand in front of my camera.

Each model will be photographed by me for 10-15 minutes AS THEY ARE with no crazy photoshop retouching after, and no hair and makeup. Models will be photographed in front of a solid (pink) backdrop so that all images can later be combined into one glorious montage.

You may choose to wear one of the following:

*Swim suit

*Lingerie Set

*Just panties/swim suit bottoms (can cover your breasts with arms)


AS A THANK YOU…. we will be giving ALL models a $250 gift voucher towards a future photoshoot with Sasha Dale Photography. ($100 towards photoshoot, $150 towards product purchases!)

***UPDATE***** we are currently ONLY taking applications for women who use a wheelchair, Colostomy bag or feeding tube, etc.)!!!

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**Please include below if you use a wheelchair, colostomy bag, feeding tube or other device.
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These photoshoots are ONLY 10 minutes long so not much time is needed for this! Our studio is located at 187 Central Avenue in Norwich CT!!