2018-2019 portrait series

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If you aren’t good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you’ll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren’t even giving to yourself.
— Barbara De Angelis


How many times have you said to yourself - “I wish I looked like I did when I was 18 again. I didn’t know how good I had it.” More often than not, women tend to feel as if they are no longer sexy, or worthy of being in front of the camera once they pass a certain milestone, or once they have kids, or once they turn 30. Back in the day - do you recall getting excited to be in those group shots with friends? Do you notice more and more - women tend to shy away from the camera or hide themselves in the back as they grow older. We want to CHANGE this mentality. So your boobs aren’t as perky as they were back then, or your stretch marks are taking over your body, the extra skin, the grey hairs - maybe you lost too much or gained to much - but can I share something with you? Your soul KNOW’S your story, but you body shares it. Those strechmarks and extra skin share your weight loss journey or your miraculous birth journey. Those wrinkles around your eyes share the number of times you’ve laughed with friends and loved ones. The weight fluctuations show many events including endulging with family and friends in delicious foods, or perhaps dealing with major stresses and grief in your life. They grey hairs? Well young women are dying their hair grey - if that doesn’t tell me how AWESOME it is to be wise. While many associate grey hair with aging, why not change the way you look at it. Grey hair may share your story of stress (and in my case young children) but it also shares your journey to wisdom and greatness, one strand at a time.

The point of all of this - you ARE sexy, strong, wise and worthy of existing in portraits at EVERY stage of your life.

When you pass, what will you leave behind?


We are calling on women 30 years and older to join us in our project series. There are no restrictions on ethnicity, size, markings, hair color, ability, beliefs, lifestyle, etc.

We are creating a portrait series in which we are offering a discounted session fee to 30 women over the age of 30 who are willing to let us share their session and their story with the world. We want to give the opportunity to these women to feel sexy in their skin and to see themselves as the bombshell they’d forgotten they were.

Although they are heavily discounted, our 30-over-30 sessions will still fulfill the SAME experience as any other portrait session with our studio. Our 30-Over-30 clients will experience the following:

*Pre-Shoot Wardrobe and Planning Consultation

*Access to our amazing studio wardrobe and accessories

*Professional hair styling and makeup application

*2 Hour Photoshoot with approximately 5 outfits/looks

*Private in-person reveal and ordering appointment to place product orders. (Session fee will be credited back to your order!)

Keep scrolling to find out more about:

pricing, payment plans and how to apply!


WHERE & When

Sessions are held at Sasha Dale Photography’s portrait studio located at 187 Central Avenue in Norwich CT and take place on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. This experience lasts approximately 4 hours (9:30AM-1:30PM)


While our normal session fee is $349, we are discounting the sessions by 57% - bringing the session fee to just $150. This discount is offered in exchange for a signed model release in which you are giving us permission to share your photoshoot experience and your story.

**EVEN BETTER: Remember that $150 fee you will pay to book? That gets credited back towards your product order - so essentially, your session itself is FREE!

After your shoot - we will invite you back to the studio for your grand reveal. This is where you may choose to purchase products, but no purchase is required.

Please review our PRODUCTS & PAYMENT PLANS.

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“[My husband] was blown away. He never imagined I would do something like this for him (and for me). For the past week, I keep getting compliments from him on how beautiful I am and I find him just taking the album out and looking at it. He said he loves these pictures and keeps wondering what I’m thinking in them. I told him how speacial and beautiful I felt that day and he said he wished I knew how beautiful I was all the time. WOW. I think I will neveer forget his total shock and amazement when he looked at his gift and the adored look in his eyes.”