The Boudoir Experience!

Welcome to your Beauty Portrait Experience!


Welcome to your beauty and/or boudoir portrait experience!  Whether you are booking a sexy boudoir session, or a beauty session, you can expect a morning (or afternoon) of pampering, and being treated like the goddess that you are.  Are you curious what this is all about?  Check out the steps below that lead to the ultimate portrait experience!

Step 1: Taking the Leap

The first step to experience the ultimate day of beauty and pampering is taking the leap and filling out the contact form! Yes – filling out the contact form is the big leap, NOT the actual booking.  By the time you reach the booking part of this process, it won’t seam like a leap because you will feel so confident in yourself and your decision, it will be the easiest decision you make!  So back to the contact form – fill it out and click send… I promise, it’s NOT binding by any means and I’m not asking for your social!  Just close your eyes, push the button, and let out a breath of relief.  You did it, you took the first step in learning more about your dream photoshoot.Contact form, Boudoir, Sasha Dale photographyPin thisimage

Step 2: The Details, The Costs, The Nitty Gritty

Before you even step foot in my studio, we will have communicated on several occasions.  Upon receipt of your contact form that you so fearfully filled out and sent over, I will introduce myself and send over several documents outlining clearly, our studio sessions offered as well as a complete list of products and pricing.  You will also receive a digital client guide magazine that I custom designed for you to virtually ‘flip’ through and learn even more about the experience and to check out some gorgeous before and after portraits.  I recommend looking through this on your lunch break, over coffee or maybe while you’re sitting in bed.

Step 3: Optional Consultation and Booking

Once you’ve had the chance to soak it all in, and you are ready to learn more – I offer you the option to go ahead and book, or at the very least, schedule a complimentary consultation at the studio if you would like to take a physical tour.

When you are ready to book, and all of your questions have been answered, we will choose a date that works for you and our stylist. I will then email you a digital contract and session invoice.  Once you’ve read them over, signed, paid and sent back, your session will be officially on the books.

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Step 4: Do a Happy Dance

Now that you are booked, you can plan a shopping trip with your girlfriends (either at boutiques, consignment shops, or in your besties closet!)  Don’t forget, if you want to really make it special, plan mani/pedi the week of your shoot too!  Now that I think if it, you’ll need some inspiration to help you while you shop – this brings me to step 5!

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Step 5: Preparing for your Session

Shortly after you book, you will receive welcome email confirming your session date/time/location. Mark this down and don’t forget it.  Call off of work, if you need to, hire a sitter if you have kids.  This confirmation email is important because it will also include a ‘How to Prepare’ list for your session with a list of potential items you may want to bring, some bonus Pinterest inspiration boards, a link to your own private Pinterest board for you to start going pin-crazy (I will have access to this board as well so that I can keep note of what styles you are enjoying), and MOST IMPORTANTLY, there will be a questionnaire.   I should probably give the questionnaire it’s own step -because it’s that important.

boudoir questionnaire, photography questionnaire, sasha dale photography

Step 6: The Questionnaire

This questionnaire will not only allow me to get to know you and what you expect out of this experience so I can prepare accordingly, but it will also give me an outline to work from when I write a custom blog post (with your permission, always) after the shoot that will feature your images.  This is priceless when other potential clients (women) are looking to read the stories of past clients, and they come across your post, thinking you’re a model. Then they read your story and say “oh, this was an actual {insert mom/teacher/accountant/cancer survivor}, not a model? They sound so real, we share the same favorite music, etc I can totally do this!!” Your personal blog post can give another woman who doubts herself, that little extra push to do it – because just like you, she deserves it!

goodie bag, welcome gift, studio gift

Step 7: Arriving at the Studio

Our studio is located at 187 Central Avenue in Norwich.  It is a quaint brick building with big windows and black trim.  There is plenty of street parking, once you arrive just come on in. We will pass around introductions and I will offer you some refreshments to enjoy while we complete your wardrobe consultation and professional styling.  I may or may not have a welcome gift for you in the dressing room. 😉

Step 8: Wardrobe Consultation

  While your stylist is setting up her station to beautify you, you and I will sift through your bags (yes, you’ll probably have a few bags) full of your favorite wardrobe items, accessories, etc.  I will help you narrow down y our heap of gorgeous items to about 4-5 outfits, and then carefully style each outfit with appropriate jewelry, shoes, hair pieces, etc.  We will also discuss which studio set we will use to compliment each outfit.  By the way – I almost forgot, I have a wardrobe at the studio too!  YES, loaded with lingerie, robes, shoes, scarves, corsets and Jewelry!  If you don’t have anything at all to bring, don’t fret, just help yourself to our wardrobe <3 We can mix and match of course as well.

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Step 9: Professional Hair & Make-up

One of 3 professional stylists that I continue to use because of their education, expertise and talent (as well as personality and friendliness with my clients) will assist us during your shoot.  You both will talk about your natural skin textures, colors, hair wishes, etc to come up with the perfect look for your shoot.  If you have pictures of how you would like to see your hair and/or make-up, please feel free to bring along.  Professional hair and make-up usually takes about 1.5 hours.  Our stylists are detail oriented and they want you to look and feel your best.  Please also note that make-up application for a photoshoot is slightly heavier than if you were to have make-up done for an event, so don’t fret if it feels more than usual.  It’s completely normal for the portrait industry!

Boudoir studio

Step 10: The Main Event

By this point, you are likely feeling a little nervous.  We’ve reached the point in our date where your clothes come off… and well, you are the only one getting undressed.  Everyone feels nervous at first, you are not alone – but trust me when I say this will go away in the first few minutes.  You’ll slip into your first gorgeous outfit, I will carefully pose you, whether on the big white fluffy bed or sitting dainty on the edge of the clawfoot tub.  {We have a gorgeous 1,000 SF studio with beautiful wood floors and several custom boudoir sets to work with}. After I get a few shots in, I will show you a few shots from the back of my camera. When you see how freakin sexy you are, THIS is when your nerves disappear.  We will turn the music up, dance, rock our hips, change outfits, dance some more, sing, do the corny-fake-laugh the photographers always tell you to do that ultimately leads you to real laughs, and together we will create some incredibly rock star gorgeous images for you and/or whoever the heck else you want to see them.  This session takes about 2 hours.

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Step 11: It’s Not Over Yet

Your shoot is over, but the experience isn’t.  While you are back in your normal every day attire, with your bags of lingerie draped back over your arm, you are feeling a little different than when you walked in.  You feel sexier, you are walking taller -and heck, you’re hair and make-up are still done so why not go shopping or grab a bite to eat so that people can see your sexy face!  My favorite quote from almost every client after I show them a few shots from the back of the camera during their shoot: “OMG, is that really me?!?!?”

Before you walk out the door – we will look at our schedules to determine when you can make it back for your private in-person studio reveal.  At this point, I hate to do it, but I ask you to wait about 1-2 weeks to schedule this- I know it will be hard!!  This gives me time to really sift through your images and narrow down to the absolute BEST of the BEST and most flattering images.  From there, I will carefully retouch each and every one of those images from skin softening and toning, blemish removal, eye sharpening, and any color correction needed.  If you want a sneak peek, I can absolutely share one in my private boudoir facebook group with your permission, but you only get one!

Step 12: Your Session Premier

You know how the movie stars attend their movie premiers?  Well – you get to do the same!  You worked hard creating these works of art, and now you get to see the final result.  We will meet at the studio where you will enjoy some refreshments and watch a gorgeous video slideshow from  your session loaded with all of the professionally finished images.  Once you’ve had the chance to soak in that it was really you in those images and not some woman out of a magazine, we will talk about the products I have to offer you and what you ultimately want to walk away with.  If you purchase an album, we will carefully choose the images for your album right there and then, and hand-select your favorite cover material to go with it.  Products have a turn-around time of 1-3 weeks, so after you walk out of the studio – you’ll have your gorgeous custom artwork in your hands in no time.

Still have questions?  Refer to STEP 1!!

Hint: Fill out the contact form!