She’s Somebody’s Hero {August 2015}

As most of you know, almost 2 months ago, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantel Cell Lymphoma. She found out just days before we moved back home making the timing of our move back East perfect.  I couldn’t imagine living halfway across the country while my momma fights this horrid disease.  As I’ve mentined before, mom is a tough cookie and she plans to kick this cancer in the butt.  Everyone knows someone with cancer, but it never really hits home until it attacks someone so close as your own mother, wife, best friend or daugther.   My mom is all of these, and her loved ones are fighting the battle with her.  It has been so impressive to watch how graceful she has been over the past few weeks.  She glows daily and goes about her days as if nothing has changed.  She is beautiful. Courageous.  Strong. She is the definition of HERO.  Next year, we will be saying “She’s a SURVIVOR.”  It can’t come soon enough.

I posted some sneak peeks over the past few weeks, but I’ve finally finished her beauty portait session and both her and my Step Dad came by the studio the other day to see them all.  These are their favorites from her session- clearly it was hard for them to narrow down to just a few.  They decided to purchase a custom album with their favorites and some beautiful custom barnwood framed wall portraits that I’m DYING to see on their walls.  It was a relief to see how happy they BOTH were with the images.  My Step Dad already loves my mom so incredibly much that I could have photographed her in pajamas and he would have swooned over her, but regardless – it was joyful to see how pleased they were and how beautiful and happy my mom felt about her portraits.

As always, I ask that you please keep your prayers coming over the next few months as my incredible mother fights one of the toughest battles of her life.

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  • Nicole Escobar - Claudia,

    You look stunning (as you always have)
    I am sorry to hear you have to go through something so difficult, and you are in my thoughts.
    Kick cancer’s ass, you got this!


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