Meet Sasha

My name is Sasha.

I am a COFFEE drinker.

I have three children: one furry, one toddler boy and one micro-preemie baby girl

My husband serves in the Unites States Navy, therefore, so do I.

I am a photographer. I am the creator of art, the keeper of memories, the builder of confidence.

My very first thought in the morning is “this bed is way too comfortable.”

My second thought of the day? “COFFEE- NEED COFFEE.”

My heart glows with pride when my children reach great milestones in their journey of life.

My clients are my joy. I care deeply about helping them see a side of themselves that they have a hard time seeing on their own. We are all our own WORST enemy. My goal is to change that. Seeing my client’s insecurities wash away and be replaced with confidence and empowerment is my guilty pleasure.

In my world, art is an absolute necessity. Art, and COFFEE of course.

Shopping is always a fabulous idea – especially after a bad day, or as a procrastination technique! TJMaxx is pretty good for this!

I’m obsessed with mixing patterns.  My current obsession: floral & polkadots

To me, beauty lives in your heart. It is sharing the things you love. It is being kind. It is smiling. Beauty is in us all. It is not something you wear on your skin, but something you wear on your soul.

I love to end the day watching the next episode of This is Us, with my hubby and a bowl of popcorn.

When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who didn’t JUST dream, but a person who LIVED her dreams and inspired others to live their dreams too.

My favorite quote: DON’T Quit your dayDream.

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Our Studio is Located at:

187 Central Avenue

Norwich CT, 06360

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