Senior Portait Experience

Hey you!! Yea- you! The 16 year old dreamer doodling on your notepad in bio class! Let’s be honest: we could all use a little more luxury and a LOT less homework. Am I right? Well I can’t help the amount of homework you have rolling in, but I CAN

KuDeTa Spring LookBook Shoot {CT Fashion Photography}

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by KuDeTa boutique in Boston to shoot their Spring Look-book Collection.  They planned to have 5 fabulous fashion bloggers from the Boston area modeling their styles for them – and I had the pleasure of meeting

CT Glamour Portraits {Ericca}

There are 168 hours in one week.  Women’s Health Magazine states that women on average, spend 7 hours during the week getting ready for their day, 35 hours per week at the office and 15 hours per week in their cars.  According to a study done

Open House Mini-Portraits {New Preston, CT}

Each guest who came to our open house (and wanted a quick headshot) received one, complimentary! These are some of the finished images.

Three Generations of Beauty {CT Glamour Portraits}

Alix came in with her gorgeous mama and three beautiful daughters.  We decided to do both mother-daughter portraits as well as a few generation portraits of all three generations.  I can guarantee these portraits will be cherished

Contemporary Women’s Portraits – Katie {New Preston, CT}

Not all beauty portraits need to be light and airy.  Every woman has a different style. A different soul.  A different look.  Katie on the contrary is actually a very bright and lively soul – so on a typical day, I would think bright colors